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 Reflecting [[Open]]

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Arthur Valentine
Arthur Valentine

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PostSubject: Reflecting [[Open]]   Reflecting [[Open]] Icon_minitimeWed Apr 13, 2011 1:27 am

    Arthur climbed up the tower steps his boy on autopilot as mind wandered through thoughts to heavy to consider. His steps echoed loudly through the empty hall adding to the feeling of loneliness that he was currently feeling. It had been weeks since he had seen Akira and contact with his brothers had been rather slim. It was this lack of contact with anyone that was driving the social boy up the wall. He reached the top of the tower and with a wave of his wand opened the room.

    Inside the room there was nothing a few scattered chairs but it wasn’t the contents of the room that had brought him forward. It was the view of the pitch that had brought him up here. There was a certain exhilaration he got simply from looking at the field. Sighing he walked over to the ledge and took a seat on in one leg swinging over the side. The view was magnificent and terrifying and had he been scared of heights this would have been the worst place for him. He was not however, scared and so this place was perfect and for the first time in a very long time he felt at ease. Resting against the stone wall he stared simply watching the world go by an observer rather than a participant.

    His thoughts wandered drifting to things that were pleasant and gone were the ideas that he had been throwing around. Swinging his leg back into the room he hopped off the ledge and walked around the unexplored tower. There was a ratty old chair a couch no doubt remnants of a date and inexplicably two very old desks. A further search led to old wineglasses and a picnic blanket also remnants of a date. Sighing he brought out his wand and gave it another flick summoning a table and some butter beer for himself. He imagined someone else’s company a girl who had seemingly forgotten about him.

    The footsteps echoed loudly throughout the empty room and he rose quickly to his feet. It was past curfew, if it was a teacher he would be in trouble if it was a student they were surely up to no good. Pulling out his wand he stepped into the shadows waiting for the person to arrive. He was prepared to fight and though he had never really cursed anyone he knew he could hold his own. He had after all received top marks in his dueling class.

    The footsteps stopped short of the door and as the moments passed and no one entered he became more anxious. “Who’s there?” he called out into the darkness still not leaving his spot in the shadows.

    Arthur || 454

Reflecting [[Open]] Arthurnew
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Akira Ogowa
Akira Ogowa

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PostSubject: Re: Reflecting [[Open]]   Reflecting [[Open]] Icon_minitimeFri Apr 15, 2011 9:57 pm

Akira was lost, no...she was more than lost...Akira had been wandering the school for over an hour and she was practically starving to death. She had skipped breakfast because pancakes, sausages, and bacon did not appeal to her, lunch was something she never partook in, and when she was finally about to give in for supper she was far too lost to find it! So she had generally gone the whole day without eating. Her Japanese to English translator had disappeared, expecting her to be smart enough to find her way. But when one spoke nothing but Japanese that was easier said then done.

Sighing as her stomach growled inside her she continued up another flight of stairs and found herself facing a very large wooden door. Gently pulling it open sh was surprised to see that the room was not empty, and even more surprised when it was Arthur Valentine.

"It's me Arthur," she said gently, knowing that he was fluent with her native tongue. "I'm a bit lost..."

Going over to him she felt her pale cheeks flush as she looked out onto the grounds of Hogwarts. It was very green and beautiful, but to Akira nothing could hold a candle to Japan's landscape. However she was polite and grateful for such a peaceful landscape, so she really spoke of her homeland.

"I have missed you..." she said softly, her words fading off into the night.

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Reflecting [[Open]]
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