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 That Time of the Month (Open to Anyone)

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Michelle Fletcher
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Michelle Fletcher

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That Time of the Month (Open to Anyone) Empty
PostSubject: That Time of the Month (Open to Anyone)   That Time of the Month (Open to Anyone) Icon_minitimeSun Apr 10, 2011 1:09 pm

Michelle was in a real pissy mood, and there were multiple reasons behind it. The first being her husband, of course Michelle loved him to death; but there were times when she really just wanted to slam a brick into that hottie's head. He could be SO frustrating at times and half the time he didn't even realize it! Ordering another drink she sighed, but she couldn't blame Alec completely. She was also pissed at her employer, or lack thereof. She had spent months taking pictures for a seasonal calender, having her camera practically attached to her hip, just to have the jackass refuse her calender and send her packing! She hadn't told Alec she was fired yet, mostly because she didn't really want to discuss it or cry anymore than what she had already done.

Downing a shot of fire-whiskey, she cringed a bit at the burn and closed her eyes. Michelle wasn't much of a drinker, she had even admitted that to Alec herself...but at the present moment she was fine with getting good and smashed. Alec was still on call and their little Princess had begged to spend the night at Papa Randall's. So it was just Michelle today, she had tried calling Rachel and Shelby....but after the last time she had gotten drunk with either of them they had ended up they, politely, refused.

"There lost," she sighed, her words slurring together slightly. "Oi, Tom...can I have a glass of scotch on the rocks please? Thanks doll."

Her southern accent always came out so much more when she was drunk, but most people thought it to be quite cute...of course Michelle was certain Alec wouldn't appreciate her using her accent to flirt with another guy...and too Michelle only one guy deserved her flirting skills, and that was her man Alec William Fletcher. Accepting her scotch she sipped deeply from it and sighed.

"Nice and smooth..."

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That Time of the Month (Open to Anyone)
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