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 What Could Be Worse Than Drinking Alone? OPEN

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What Could Be Worse Than Drinking Alone? OPEN Empty
PostSubject: What Could Be Worse Than Drinking Alone? OPEN   What Could Be Worse Than Drinking Alone? OPEN Icon_minitimeTue Feb 08, 2011 1:48 pm

Lucius walked into the musty smelling pub and took a brief look around, he didn't know why he was lowering himself to be here but he needed some alcohol and he needed some fast and cheap, as well as this the Leaky seemed to be the place to meet people and boy did he need something to take his mind off all his worries at the moment. He sat at one of the barstools and softly ordered a firewhiskey which he downed in one quickly ordering a second. Now that he was all relaxed and toasty warm he looked around to see if there was anyone interesting to talk to.

He shrugged off his outer cloak showing his slightly relaxed attire of corduroy trousers and a pale blue shirt, his hair was tied back with a blue ribbon so it didn't get in his way.
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Vincent Bauer
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What Could Be Worse Than Drinking Alone? OPEN Empty
PostSubject: Re: What Could Be Worse Than Drinking Alone? OPEN   What Could Be Worse Than Drinking Alone? OPEN Icon_minitimeMon Mar 07, 2011 10:09 pm

Vincent had been desperate for a drink after he got away from the Ministry this evening. He had dealt with the scum of the earth, it seemed, and he just needed to calm himself before he went home. He didn't want to bother Candy with all the gory details of his day. Not while she was pregnant. It would not be a good thing for her to be getting sick because he was telling her about his day at work. She had her own horror stories to live from St. Mungo's.

He entered the Leaky Cauldron and looked around for anyone that he knew. His blue eyes fell on a very familiar hairstyle, and attatched to it, none other than Lucius Malfoy. Vincent gave an inward groan. He didn't need this now! He was off work for the weekend, and he just wanted to relax! But luck was not to be on his side, there was only one free seat, and it was next to Malfoy.

With a sigh, Vincent crossed the bar. He could do this, he could sit next to the man and not start anything. If nothing was started with him, that was. He didn't want to have to run Malfoy in for running his mouth or anything. That would just make a load of paperwork and he didn't want to deal with that tonight. He wanted to have a drink to calm his nerves and go home to see his beautiful wife. That wasn't much to ask, was it?

"Well," he said as he took the stool next to Lucius. "Fancy meeting you here."

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What Could Be Worse Than Drinking Alone? OPEN
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