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 The Water is Perfect (Aria)

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Antony Cordell Summers
Antony Cordell Summers

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PostSubject: The Water is Perfect (Aria)   Sat Mar 12, 2011 1:43 pm

Antony had been so bored that words could not even describe it. Sure it was a beautiful day but there was nothing to do, no one wanted to travel into town with him and even if they did he probably didn't want to go with them. He had tried to get one of the Valentine twins to hang with him, but they all had girlfriends to keep them busy. Antony was the one, lonely, loner...and it depressed him greatly. It was so hard to find a girl that loved him for him and not his money, and if they loved him for his money they wouldn't shut up for five minutes to let him speak. Antony was a semi-believer that beautiful women should be seen and not heard, especially if they were taking their loved one to the bank every time they stepped away from the Summer's estate. Merlin, he was so sick of that.

When would he ever find one girl in the world that just wanted him. Elliot had found that in April, William had found that in Adeline, and if he heard correctly Arthur had landed himself a Japanese vixen. When would Tony find his own gem? When would he find a diamond in the rough? Ignoring the fact that his thoughts had carried him to the lake he glared at the somewhat perfect water and dove in.

Why? Because he was bored and had high hopes of washing some of his anger away. Diving deeper and deeper into the water he came up only once for air, before diving back in and just letting the water caress him. His feet went up towards the surface and he could have sworn he heard someone say hello. Pulling his head up from the water he looked to see who had called him. Wiping some water from his face he smiled, she was beautiful...but he expected nothing a matter of fact he was sure he had met this girl before. Perhaps she was one of the Triplet's friends...those boys got around, he could never be sure.

"Well hello there," he smirked. "Beautiful day isn't it?"

Ha lay back on the water's surface, being sure to keep her in his line of site.

"The water is perfect," he continued. "Perhaps you'd like to join me, beautiful?"

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Aria Rose Waldorf
Aria Rose Waldorf

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PostSubject: Re: The Water is Perfect (Aria)   Sat Mar 26, 2011 7:19 pm

    Aria wasn’t in the mood for a lot of things. Her best friend was in the middle of another scheme. Her other friends were simply helping her plot, which is where Aria should be. However, it was such a lovely day today and she wasn’t really in the mood to help destroy a perfectly nice girl. No, instead she was going to spend today by the lake. Perhaps read a book or two and then go for a little sun bathing if time allowed. That was the plan and she was sticking to it, unless, a cute boy happened to intervene. Aria couldn’t be held responsible for that.

    Aria had been dating boys since a very young age. She had learned early on that her looks got her what she wanted. She knew it wasn’t really right but people had different definitions of right and wrong. She was beautiful, why shouldn’t she use that to her advantage. It wasn’t like she lied to someone. She did what she needed to. It was one of the many things she had in common with Lindz. Still, despite the many boys she had been with Aria couldn’t find someone that was right for her. All the boys were too weak, too pathetic. She just wanted to find a nice boy, someone who understood her and her crazy friends. She wondered if it had something to do with her. If perhaps she was setting her sights too high. Lindz said that it was impossible. Aria deserved the best, but the girl wasn’t sure of that anymore. Surely if she deserved the best she would have found them by now?

    She walked closer to the Black Lake, her eyes spotting a figure swimming in the water. Although Aria loved to swim, she rarely swam in the black lake. The thought of the giant squid coming up and taking her down were enough to deter the pretty girl. The most she would do would be to dangle her feet in the water and read the book that she had in her hands.

    She recognized the boy. Aria knew most people in Hogwarts. She was after all the information officer of her little clique of friends. It was her job to know everyone and almost everything. Still, she didn’t know him well enough to speak to him. Instead, she would take off her shoes and sit at the edge of the lake. Surely, if he was straight, he would come up and talk to her. All boys did.

    She smiled when he spoke to her. Her grey eyes sparkling as she nodded. “Much to drab to be indoors. However, that’s where all my friends are,” she said, with a small shrug.

    She watched as he floated along. He had a great body and it looked even more amazing dripping wet. She gave him a cheeky smile as he called her beautiful but shook her head.

    “I’m afraid I didn’t bring my bathing suit.”

    [501 & Aria ]

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The Water is Perfect (Aria)
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