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 Teacher Application

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Severus Snape
Administrator: Hogwarts Staff: Headmaster: Occlumens: Legilimens: 34 yrs old
Severus Snape

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PostSubject: Teacher Application   Teacher Application Icon_minitimeFri Dec 03, 2010 3:29 pm

Teachers at Hogwarts are the bread and butter of society. They school the young minds of Hogwarts and mold the future of the wizarding world as we know it. So yes, of course, it WOULD be something you could apply for. And just like anywhere else you are expected to hold lessons and have lesson plans for your students. Teachers however must be thirty years old or older.

Positions Open


Defense Against the Dark Arts



Muggle Studies




Ancient Runes




Care of Magical Creatures

[b]Character History[/b]
[b]Family History:[/b]
[b]Alternate Position:[/b]
[b]Reason Why This Character Should Be Give This Position:[/b]
[b]RP Sample[/b]

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Aurora Maddox
Hogwarts Staff: Head of Slytherin House: Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor: 34 yrs old
Aurora Maddox

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PostSubject: Re: Teacher Application   Teacher Application Icon_minitimeSat Dec 04, 2010 3:49 pm

Name: Aurora Rachelle Maddox

Age: 34


Character History Aurora had a very dark past. Her father had been a follower of Voldemort back when he was in power and she had been raised to know that there was power in Dark Magic. Her mother had died early in her life, which was another reason her father had turned to Dark Magic. As a child Aurora had managed to shield herself behind so many blocks of ice that it was like she was freezing to death. Even now as an adult she cannot shake off her past. She was sorted into Slytherin when she had attended Hogwarts, because of her firm knowledge in the Dark Arts and she was a very cunning student. Aurora genuinely didn’t have many friends, nor did she have many enemies. She was what people called a loner, and she preferred it that way.

Her father died when she graduated from school and after that Aurora set out to make the best of her life. She set out to make what little heart she had left survive. School had always been a safe haven for Aurora, and she had always dreamed of teaching there and instructing young mines to soar for the clouds. But her dark appearance keeps everyone at a distance and rumors soon followed her around the Wizarding community about her hidden past. Her past has followed her all her life, all she really wants is the chance to show people who she really is…and not who her father was. And she always thought that the best place to do this was at Hogwarts.

Family History: See Character History

Position: Defense Against the Dark Arts

Alternate Position: Potions

Reason Why This Character Should Be Give This Position: Aurora was raised in a generally dark home. She was raised around the Dark Arts and enjoys studying them herself. She admires magic of all kinds and wants nothing more than to school her students in the art of different magic as well.

RP Sample Aurora looked at her students and sighed, something told her that this just wasn't going to be her day. She had first years, and as far as first years went she was already shrouded with disappointment. But Aurora said nothing and continued to instruct them to get into partners. She hated how naive they all were. Rolling her eyes as one student held his wand lazily in her hand she snapped her fingers and immediately got their attention.

"Okay," she said in that eerily calm voice she was famous for. "If you all have partners I would like you all to start casting...who can tell me the incantation for a knock back jinx?"

She she saw that there were no hands she sighed...great, just another bloody day at Hogwarts School of dunderheads and morons.
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Sirius Black
Hogwarts Staff: Head of Gryfindor House: Astronomy Professor: 34 yrs old
Sirius Black

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PostSubject: Re: Teacher Application   Teacher Application Icon_minitimeSat Dec 04, 2010 11:16 pm

Name: Sirius Black

Age: 34

Appearance: Black hair, gray eyes, with the aristocratic good looks that are shared by all members of the House of Black.

Character History Sirius grew up in London, as the heir to the Most Ancient and Noble House of Black. At the age of eleven, he went to Hogwarts and was sorted, to his family's dismay, into Gryffindor. Relations with his family soured quickly after that, and he integrated himself increasingly into the family of his best friend, James Potter. While at Hogwarts, Sirius was very popular and always at the top of his class. He is one of the four founding members of the Marauders, known amongst the teachers as the "Hogwarts Hellions". When Sirius was sixteen, he experienced a falling-out with the rest of his family and was disowned. He moved in with the Potters permanently until his uncle, Alphard, died and left everything he owned to Sirius.

Upon graduating from Hogwarts with nine O.W.L.s, Sirius joined the Order of the Phoenix and set himself against Lord Voldemort. He was involved in many battles and does not wish to discuss that one time he gave his own location away by farting. When Sirius was nineteen, he was honored to serve as the best man when James Potter married Lily Evans. He was even more honored to become their son, Harry's, godfather roughly one year later. It all went bad, however, when they were all betrayed to Voldemort and Sirius was framed for the crime. Despite his innocence, he was sentenced to life in Azkaban. Never one to take things lying down, Sirius became the first person in history to break out of Azkaban and traveled to Hogwarts to protect his now-thirteen-year-old godson, Harry. After all that business was sorted out, he gladly took custody of Harry and is now navigating his newfound freedom and his newfound responsibilities.

Family History: Sirius is a member of the House of Black. Are there any other questions?

Position: Astronomy

Alternate Position:Professor of Awesome

Reason Why This Character Should Be Give This Position: Sirius is named after a star. Does he need another reason?

RP Sample Sirius Black's robes billowed so impressively they'd have put Snape's to shame as he marched toward his classroom. His classroom. That was a strange thought; he'd never have thought he would one day be a teacher. Teachers had always been the enemy, after all. Back when enemies were only imagined.

No one looking at him could have known how nervous he felt. He stepped into a loo to splash some water on his face in hopes that it would stop feeling so very hot. He made the mistake of looking at himself in the mirror and regretted it immediately. He looked in mirrors only rarely; never if he could manage it.

He studied his features for a moment, hardly recognizing himself. Azkaban had not been kind to him. He'd cut his hair, but it was graying at the edges. His father hadn't begun to gray until he was in his fifties. Of course, it could very well have been the work of a potion, but it seemed unfair to Sirius all the same. His face was lined far more deeply than it had any right to be as well, and he never could get used to the way his eyes had sunk into his face. It wasn't quite so pronounced as it was when he first broke out, but it was disturbing all the same.

Sirius still recalled the day he caught his reflection in a storefront window. Wild eyes, dirty face, and mangy hair. He'd have run from himself, if he could. His throat tightened painfully as he looked at himself and realized he barely remembered the man he had once been. He hadn't cried; his tears had long since been spent, but he had stood there for far longer than was wise, staring into his own heartbroken face and trying to work out what to do now.

Regular food and a little soap had helped, but he still wore the haunted expression of Azkaban and feared he always would. He smiled at his reflection and was pleased to see that his eyes still had a little life in them. He sighed and wiped the water off his face. He took one final, deep breath and stepped out of the sanctuary of the loo and into the hustle and bustle of the corridor. Students stared as he passed, whispering behind their hands. He told himself it would blow over; besides it wasn't first time he'd been the source of gossip at Hogwarts.

The Astronomy classroom looked much as he remembered it, except that the faces of the students looked so very, very young. And they were all looking expectantly at him. Sirius spared a wink for Harry and put his confident face on; a person didn't grow up in the House of Black without learning that. His heart beat wildly as he stepped into the classroom and wouldn't listen when he told it firmly to stop. Nevertheless, at his first question, half the classes' hands shot up and Sirius decided that perhaps this wouldn't be so terrifying after all.

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Julia Wallace
Hogwarts Staff: Head of Ravenclaw House: Herbology Professor: 33 yrs old
Julia Wallace

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PostSubject: Re: Teacher Application   Teacher Application Icon_minitimeSun Dec 05, 2010 5:13 pm

Name: Julia Danielle Wallace

Age: 32

Appearance: Long brunette hair, perfect smile, 5'8, brown eyes, flawless skin and cheek bone structure.

Character History: Grew up in Oxford, England with Half-Blood parents, named Henry and Emily Lawson. Her father is a retired ministry official, where he worked in the Department of Magical Games and Sports. Her mother was a socialite who spent very little time at home with her and her younger brother, Edmund. Her mother passed away ten years ago from cancer. Her death was a blow to the family, even though she was rarely around. Edmund and Julia got in an argument and had been estranged until recently. They are building their relationship again.

Julia was married to Robert Wallace at the age of twenty-two and had a daughter named Elsie at the age of twenty-four. But her husband and child were killed by a dark wizard. She withdrew into a great depression, becoming an alcoholic. Her father placed her in recovery, where she was able to overcome her alcoholism, but she has a problem holding on to relationships. Her true love became her magical plants that she was told to take care of before having any kind of successful relationships with people. Now she has worked hard at becoming a professor at Hogwarts. She never discusses her husband or child with anyone, except for her new boyfriend, Chase. He is her best friend and has helped her through the recovery of her alcoholism.

Family History: see above

Position Applying for: Herbology

RP Sample:

One could say that Professor Julia Wallace was excited about her lesson material for the day. But that would be the understatement of the century. In truth, Julia was beside herself with glee. Today, she would teach her second years about the Abyssinian shrivelfig. Now, to your average, every day witch or wizard, this plant seemed somewhat ordinary. But to was a match made in heaven. It was the first plant she had ever grown from seedling to full bloom on her own. And now she could pass along her love and knowledge to her unaware students. They were in for a treat. As soon as her students were in place before their shrivelfigs, Julia smiled and inhaled the pungent aroma.

"Good afternoon dearest students, today you will have the pleasure of learning to prune these beautiful Abyssinian shrivelfigs. Aren't they lovely, class? Please, take your shears...I assume they have been properly charmed to take only what is necessary, as per my request from your last lecture. Please, place your gloves on your eager hands and lift the shears ever-so-gently to the shrivelfigs. Please be sure to concentrate and respect your plant as you prune away."

She smiled at the faces around the greenhouse, even though the children were not all smiling in return. Then, she lifted her own shears gracefully and pruned the shrivelfig in front of her in record time.

"You see? As simple as flying to a hippogriff," she said with a smile.
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Oliver Michaels
Hogwarts Staff: Charms Professor: 39 yrs old
Oliver Michaels

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PostSubject: Re: Teacher Application   Teacher Application Icon_minitimeSun Dec 05, 2010 5:57 pm

Name: Oliver Michaels

Age: 38

Appearance: Muscular build, light brown, spiked hair, hazel eyes, five o'clock shadow

Character History Was born in 1966 to a muggle father and a witch mother. His father was a muggle attorney who went bad. His parents divorced when he was very young and he moved to Scotland with his mother, Anne. He has an older brother named Chase, but they never spent too much time together when they were younger. Things are sometimes strained between them now, though they do love each other. Sometimes it is just hidden deeply.

When Oliver graduated from Hogwarts, he wasn't quite sure what he wanted to do. He was adept at charms, so he started working for the Ministry in the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes, a job his older brother helped him get. He met his first love, Margareta Smythe when he was nineteen. They dated for a year before they got married, and then two years later, his son Ashton was born. Oliver was 22. When Ashton was a few months old, Margareta died of Leukemia. It was hard for Oliver to care for his son, but he knew he had to. And he loved Ashton enough to do so.

He got the position of Charms teacher after professor Binns last year, when Oliver was tired of working at the Ministry. And he wanted to keep a closer eye on his son, who was recently diagnosed with OCD. And now he is dating Cathy Radcliffe, who is pregnant with his child.

Family History: His mother is still alive and living in Scotland. His father is alive as well, but he barely knows the man. And his brother is Head of the Wizengamot.

Position: Charms

Alternate Position: Potions

Reason Why This Character Should Be Give This Position: Because he was born to be a professor.

RP Sample:

Oliver sat quietly in his classroom, waiting for his son to visit after his classes were over for the day. He wasn't sure if Ashton had gotten used to him working at Hogwarts or not, but he hoped very much that the transition was going smoothly for him. Ashton had never done well with change, his condition usually being the main force behind that. But Oliver was grateful he could be so close to his son when he needed him.

When Ash didn't show up right away, Oli went to work on marking essays. This job was much more fulfilling than his Ministry job had been. It had been interesting work to clean up after magical accidents, but here at the school, he was able to put all of his knowledge and skill into practice. And seeing the look on his students' faces when they got a spell right warmed his heart.

Oliver looked up when the door to his office opened and he smiled at his son.

"Well hey there, kid. How was your day today?"
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PostSubject: Re: Teacher Application   Teacher Application Icon_minitimeFri Dec 17, 2010 5:18 pm

Name: Laurel Snyder

Age: 27

Appearance: Beautiful curling brown hair. It has the texture of soft silk and the color of milk chocolate. Her eyes hold warmth and passion and when she smiles her cheeks show the dimples she had inherited from her mother's side of the family.

Character History Laurel was raised in a completely muggle home. Her father was a hard working man that enjoying communicating with the public and being able to help people. So it was not all that surprising to his wife when he said that he was a Youth Minister. Laurel's mother and father met at a church lock in, falling in love only a couple years out of school and attending a local Bible college.

Being raised in an all Christian home Laurel had been worried when she found that she had magical abilities and she was surprised to find her parents extremely accepting of who she was and where she was going to have to attend school. They said that God had to make wizards and witches as well, and so long as she used her gifts for good God would still hold her in his heart. But Laurel had never been able to practice magic without that small amount of guilt attacking her mind. So she sought out to find something she could do in the wizarding world that would not hinder her faith.

It was only at Hogwarts did she realize just how much she loved music. Her hands would often be found strumming various songs on her desk. She had taught herself how to play several string instruments and upon returning home for the summer she urged her parents to let her take piano lessons. Upon learning how to play piano she sought out to train her voice in the art of singing. As time continued Laurel graduated from Hogwarts as an average student. She spent several years working at various music stores and would often sing at little cafes on the weekend.

Until finally one summer she heard that Hogwarts opened a new class that offered academics to students with musical interest! Of course she applied and was hired right on the spot by Headmaster Severus Snape

Family History: See charrie history

Position: Musical Theory Professor

Alternate Position: Charms

Reason Why This Character Should Be Give This Position: Uh...duh! Her life is MUSIC

RP Sample Laurel sighed as her fingers danced on the ivory keys. She had no class today, but she just didn't know how else to occupy her time. She wanted to have a dress rehearsal soon for the Hogwarts Choir, but she wasn't sure if Headmaster Snape would permit her from doing so. What with the Triwizard Tournament going on and everything.

Of course Laurel still insisted on having it, but once again...people underestimated the importance of good music.
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PostSubject: Re: Teacher Application   Teacher Application Icon_minitimeMon Dec 20, 2010 9:28 pm

Full Name: Jack Smyth
Age: 30

Character History:Jack was born in Belfast in Northern Ireland but due to the horrendous trouble in the city his family moved to a very wizard packed area in Bangor several miles outside of the city. For years Jack was surrounded by nothing but magic, witches and wizards. He knew nothing of Muggles, his parents didn't want him to know anything and felt that they needed to keep their son innocent to the cruelty of the muggles. When Jack was 10 his next door neighbours house was burnt to the ground by a radical muggle group, who didn't know that they were in a wizarding area. As a result of this Jack and his family moved to Kent in England. Here Jack encountered muggles and immediately he was fascinated. He was completely baffled by them. How could they survive without magic?

When he was 11 he got his letter to Hogwarts and couldn't wait to go. He knew there would be children there who came from a completely muggle family and he couldn't wait to meet everyone. Before he left for school he started reading up on muggles, just so that he wouldn't offend anyone by saying something completely stupid. By the time he got to Hogwarts he knew more about muggles than he ever had.

School went smoothly for Jack, he made lots of friends, many were muggle borns and he graduated with top grades, his proudest achievement being in Muggle Studies. He left the school and started to look for jobs. Working for the ministry didn't appeal to him so he started to work with a wizard group who tried to enlighten other witches and wizards to the muggle way of life. He worked with this group until he was 27 and then he decided that to stomp out the problem of witch and wizard ignorance towards muggles he'd have to attack the problem from a different angle. Enlighten the children. Sure his muggle studies class had been great but it had only covered basic things and explained the baffling things like electricity and match sticks.

Jack attended a special school which helped to train magical people to teach others about muggles. Shortly after Jack's 29th birthday he graduated from the school with a 1st degree honours in Muggle Studies. Now he had his sights set on Hogwarts, the plce that had given him all of his opportunities. For a year he tried but nothing was available so he went back to the wizard group and managed it until finally the opportunity struck and a position in Muggle Studies opened up in Hogwarts. His dream of teaching pupils the ways of the muggle was finally within his grasp.

Jack had a unique personality to say the least. He's excentric, quirky and an all round nice guy. He believes that if a pupil likes the teacher then they will ultimately do better in class and so in class he will always try to conect with his students. However if a class starts to get too out of hand he can turn from cool and strange to stern and ticked off in a flash. His passion for Muggles and Muggle Studies is unrivalled. Many people think he's weird but Jack doesn't care, he likes weird so if he's percieved as weird then heck...who cares.

Jack also has a passion for muggle TV and Movies. They baffle him and entertain him for hours ad hours so often he is found trying to create magical TV's which will be able to show his pupils TV programmes such as 'Friends', 'Doctor Who', 'Coronation Street,' and 'Glee.'
His ultimate goal is to show people Muggle Movies. His favourites are 'Gladiator', 'The Green Mile', 'Forest Gump', 'Toy Story', 'The Lion King' and 'Liar Liar.'

Jack tries to get on with every body but sometimes his excentricity drives people away. He can't sustain a steady girlfriend because of his 'weirdness' and is often alone.

Family History: See above haha

Position: Muggle Studies

Alternate Position: Care of Magical Creatures

Reasons why this character should be given the position: He is obsessed with Muggles!!

RP Sample:
Jack cracked his knuckles together as he glanced at the clock on his wall. It was almost time for the lesson to begin. A smirk flitted across his lips and he chuckled as he shook his hands out. Today was the day, today it was going to work. A silver television sat immobile on his desk and he winked at it.

"You're going to perform for me today I know it." He'd worked a total of 10 gruelling hours on it. He didn't curse the fact that muggle items didn't really work in Hogwarts, some of the things did like the muggle music players but bigger objects like TV's didn't, but he seen it as a challenge. He took his wand from his pocket and started trowing it from hand to hand and twirlling it in his fingers. He bobbed his head to a tune in his head and glanced at the clock again. He was expecting 4th year students at any moment now. His face was an unreadible mask as he thought of the class. They weren't the most difficult of pupils but if they were in that sort of mood then they could be. He tossed his wand from his left hand to his right and failed to catch it. It clattered to the floor and sent gold sparks flying into the stone wall just below the window.

"I really should stop doing that," he said aloud to no one as he bent down to pick up his greatly abused wand. The door opened as he righted himself and his 4th year class poured in.

"Good afternoon all, hope you had a nice morning and if you didn't well this lesson will be sure to cheer you up!" he stated enthusiastically as his class took their seats. A pupil questioned him on what he meant and he patted the top of the silver TV.

"Today we are going to be watching an episode of my all time favourite muggle programme Doctor Who," he said cheerfully with an edge of excited hysteria in his tone. Without saying anything else he pushed the 'on' button on the TV only to have it explode in his face. His face was charcoaled black leaving patches of skin clear where he'd closed his eyes. His hair stood on it's ends and a chorus of laughter met his ringing ears.

"Right..." he said with surprise and a little bit of shock.

"Let's carry on shall we. Bring out your text books and turn to page 45, we'll try the TV again next class."
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Deanna Benfield
Hogwarts Staff: Mythology Professor: 25 yrs old
Deanna Benfield

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PostSubject: Re: Teacher Application   Teacher Application Icon_minitimeSun Dec 26, 2010 10:23 pm

Name: Deanna Benfield

Age: 25

Appearance: Dark brown hair, brown eyes, doesn't look as you would think a teacher would, but that's where she fools you.

Character History Born in London to Muggle parents, Deanna was an only child. Her parents had been trying to have children for years before she was finally concieved, and were unable to have any more children after she was born. Deanna didn't mind though. She had lots of friends growing up, and many of them had brothers and sisters that she grew to accept as her own.

Deanna left her all female private school at the age of 11 when she received her letter from Hogwarts. It came as a surprise to her parents, as they had no idea that their only child was able to perform magic. She'd been keeping it a secret for fear that they would think she was odd and send her off to an assylum, but learned differently when they fully accepted her new powers. Many of her friends were sad to learn that she was going to a private school in Scotland, but were thrilled to see her during the holidays, and she made even more friends while she was away.

Was sorted into Ravenclaw upon arriving at school, and tended to do best in Transfiguration and Potions, but her main interest lay in a class that hadn't been there at the time- Mythology. Graduated school and decided to become a teacher herself, and has returned to Hogwarts.

Family History: Parents met at University and married soon after graduation. Mother stayed at home upon the birth of her only child, and father continued his position as manager of a large financial firm. They were unable to have any more children after their daughter was born, and viewed her as a miracle child, since they had had a fair amount of disappointment before she was born.

Deanna's parents continue to live in London, and wish only for their daughter to be happy.

Position: Mythology

Alternate Position: Transfiguration

Reason Why This Character Should Be Give This Position: Deanna has always been fascinated by all forms of Mythology; from Roman and Greek to Native American.

RP Sample Deanna strolled through the halls, studying her lesson plan. She wanted to cover a certain amount of subjects that week, and expected her students to listen closely. She would not be adverse to taking away house points if it was needed. Even from her former house of Ravenclaw!

She looked up only as she turned the corner, to keep from running into the wall and having the people milling about on their way to class from chuckling or asking if they could help her. If there was one thing that Deanna could't tolerate, it was anyone thinking that she was helpless. She'd been an only child, but hadn't even noticed. Her ability to make friends had always been one of her strong suits, but she didn't want her students to think that she was weak in any way.

She loved the students of the school, but couldn't let herself get too attatched to them, or it would be hard for her to have to give them detention, or take away the house points when she needed to. And she needed to. Quite often.

Deanna heard her class as she neared the door. They were always a bit rowdy before she arrived, but they always calmed down as soon as they saw her. She entered the room and it fell instantly silent. She didn't even remark upon it, but strode up to the front of the room, waving her wand at the blackboard. The lessons for the week appeared on its surface, and she turned to face her class.

"Open your books to page 39, and begin reading the first lesson. I want no talking. The first person I hear make a sound, will serve detention with me this evening." She smiled as they all groaned good naturedly.

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PostSubject: Re: Teacher Application   Teacher Application Icon_minitime

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Teacher Application
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