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 Fred Weasley

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PostSubject: Fred Weasley   Fred Weasley Icon_minitimeSun Dec 19, 2010 4:25 pm

Name: Fred Weasley
Age: 16
Blood: (Half Blood, Muggleborn, or Pure Blood) Pure Blood

Appearance: Rather tall, shocking red hair, mischevious blue eyes, a scattering of freckles and a seriously cheeky grin.

Character History: Fred Weasley is the twin of George Weasley and is part of the 6 Weasley brothers. He lives in the Burrow with his family and is rarely seen without his twin. The most common occurance in the Weasley household is the shouting between Molly and her twin boys and Fred is usually the one who starts with the 'smart' remarks. On first glance people would think that Fred had no love or respect for his mother but in actual fact this is not true. He may hide behind his charmingly cheeky mask but underneath he loves his family deeply, especially his mother and of course his twin. Once of his fondest memories which involves both he and his mother occurred when he was just 4 years old and George had had a rather big fight with him over a particular toy they both loved. His mother found him in the garden under an oak tree crying his heart out, she knew he hated not being on good terms with his identical brother and knew just how much he really needed her at that time. She knelt down beside him and pulled him into her arms and cuddled him till he cried no more. It was this embrace that Fred will always remember as at that moment he knew for sure his mother would always love him and would never let him be sad for long.

Since he was a young lad Fred had always had a passion for mischief making with his brother. He knew when he entered Hogwarts and started learning the art of magic that he wanted to start up his own practical joke business. The teachers of Hogarts all thought he was a boy who took it all in his stride but no sometimes Fred felt that dream slipping away and so knuckled down and tried hard to make that dream appear a little more clearly. Now that he is in his 6th year he and his twin have now started to make their own products and he just knows that someday he will get to open his business and bring joy to millions of people.

Another part to Fred is his love of a good Quidditch game. It started when he was merely 5 years old and his older brother Bill took Fred and his other brothers out into the fields behind thir house to show them how the game of Quidditch actually worked. Of course Fred and George weren't allowed on the proper brooms but just simply watching Bill and Charlie was meserizing. The ebb and flow of the flying, the colour of the quaffle and the sheer oddity of the bludgers was enough to hook him to it. When he entered into Hogwarts and found that they had Quidditch teams he wanted on one. He knew it would take a while but he just wanted to do it and he wanted to be a Beater as the slight violence behind the position gave him that extra little thrill.

Family History: Fred is part of the vast Weasley family. His mother is Molly and his father is Arthur. His oldest brother is Bill who is a curse breaker for the famous wizarding bank of Gringots. His second eldest brother is Charlie who is a Dragon Keeper. Charlie is a lot like Fred and George and Fred actually is inspired by him. Even though his mum hated the fact of Charlie being a Dragon Keeper he still went on to achieve his dream which makes Fred want to achieve his dream all the more. Percy is Fred's third eldest brother and Fred can't help but take the mickey out of him even though he does love him. Ron is Fred's youngest brother and Fred can't help but mess about with him too, sometimes Ron wa just too easy to take the mick out of but he did give ack as good as he got...on occassion.

Ginny is Fred's only sister as is the youngest in the Weasley family and reserves a very special place in Fred's heart. His protective nature over Ginny is strong and he loves her so deeply he is willing to do almost anything for her. Basically she has him wrapped around her little finger. If Ginny was crying he'd be the one to pick her up and cuddleher till she stopped just like his mother had done with him. If a boy ever hurt Ginny Fred would go and beat the living daylights out of him just for her.

Finally there is George, the only guy Fred will ever admit out loud that he loves because it's true. Geroge is his twin, they were born together and they are rarely apart. George is his right hand man just as he was George's right hand man. Doing things together defined them and together they were strong. Identical doesn't even rely describe them accuratly, there is no word for them. Without George Fred considers himself to be nothing and he'd like to think George felt the same. They did have a slight difference and that was that Fred was a little more hot headed than George but Fred knew that George would always be there to keep him steady, George was his rock and always would be.

The Weasley's may be poor but Fred was alright with it because he knew that his 'little' family were rich in one thing and that was love and happiess...but he'd never say it out loud.

Strengths: Surprisingly quite a lot. Well one has to be good at almost everything to invent magical practical joke products.
Weaknesses: Histoy of Magic -_-''

Hobbies: Inventing, pranking, eating, lady charming what more do you need Wink

Habits: Nail biting and angering Molly Weasley

Birthplace: The Burrow...mum couldn't wait to get to the Hospital

Parents: Molly and Arthur Weasley

Siblings: Bill, Charlie, Percy, George, Ron and Ginny Weasley

RP Sample

Fred was sitting watching the fire as George worked out a couple of equations for their new practical joke product. As his twin brother scratched his chin absentmindedly Fred couldn't help but think back to their very first day at Hogwarts.

"George look at all the lights!" Fred exclaimed as they approached the castle from the lake. George was scratching his chin absentmindedly and he hummed a responce, he wasn't as excited about the actual castle itself like he was.

"I just can't wait to be sorted and eat some food, I'm starving mate," George said in what Fred thought sounded like a bored tone. Fred smirked and as they docked he grabbed his twin by the scruff of the neck and hoisted him up so they could get to the castle as quickly as possible.

"I feel like a sheep being led to the slaughter," George joked as Fred walked in front of him up through the long house tables to the front of the Great Hall Charlie had described to him time and time agan. H lauhed at his brother and bit his lip to keep his nerves from showing. Deep down George knew he was nervous but he didn't want anyone else to see it and for it to be so obvious to his twin. The list of people started and Fred knew he wouldn't be called to the very end so to make the time pass a little quicker he started to count the floating candles above the head table. By the time he was called he'd counted the candles about 10 times. He focused his mind and walked to the wonky looking stool, he wasn't going to trip, he wasn't going to do anything that gave him a bad reputation. The hat was placed on his head and it coveed is eyes and the muttered something about 'another Weasley'. Patiently he waited and the hat murmured things in his head which reflected Fred's personality. Eventually the hat made up its mind and annoucned Fred's house to the entire hall.

Back at the fire's edge, with his twin brother still counting and recounting the numbers Fred smirked to himself as he took in his house colours. He couldn't have been prouder with what the hat had decided.
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Fred Weasley
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