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 Shop Owner Registrations

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Severus Snape
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Severus Snape

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PostSubject: Shop Owner Registrations   Tue Nov 30, 2010 8:57 pm

Just as in any world the shopping industry is one of the largest in the wizarding world. And they have no owners! So that means there are plenty of jobs open as of right now. When applying though please do not ask to be the owner of a shop that a canon character already owns.

Ranks go as followed; Owner, Manager, Worker, and Trainee. Any character below the age of nineteen will be labeled as a trainee and as soon as they turn twenty will be placed as a worker. To apply as a trainee the shop owner must agree to this arrangement also

[b]Character History:[/b]
[b]Alternative Choice:[/b]
[b]RP Sample:[/b]

Students may also have jobs, however you do not have to apply here. Just have a thread with you talking with the shop owner and agreeing to the arrangement.

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PostSubject: Re: Shop Owner Registrations   Sun Jan 09, 2011 3:48 pm

Name: Lara Meadows

Age 45

Appearance: Long, beautiful brown hair and beautiful chocolaty eyes. She has a wonderful figure and a warm smile that shines through the night.

Character History: Lara has always been a kind soul. She is very sweet and tender and when she was young went to Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry. She grew up in a family of muggles and figured that the magic just came from a dormant gene on her father's side of the family. However that did not stop her from pursuing magic.

When she turned eleven she attended Hogwarts and was sorted into Hufflepuff House because of her loyal tendencies, something that was said to also be passed down to her baby girl. She grew up loved and cared for, and quickly married her husband a year or so after graduation. They birthed a daughter several years later, who also turned out to be the apple of their eye.

Weaknesses: Tends to listen too her husband too much, is a bit of a push-over, sometimes too trusting

Strengths: Loving, nurturing, was born to be a mother, creative, beautiful, smart, loyal.

Store: Honeydukes Sweet Shop

Position: Owner

Alternative Choice: Manager

RP Sample:

Lara sighed as she got the owl from her husband, it was clear that him and Rozie had another fall out. She knew that not even chocolates would fix it this time. She loved her baby, and she loved her husband, but sometimes she wished that she could just make them both see how different they were and NOT condemn one another for it. But Lara knew that there was no hope for that, she had no hope of making them see and she knew that eventually she would just have to accept that.

Closing her eyes briefly she shook her head, she needed to get her attitude right before the store opened or she would never be able to sell a single chocolate with good conscience.
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Chace Engle
Co-Owner: Club 87: 22 yrs old
Chace Engle

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PostSubject: Re: Shop Owner Registrations   Sat Jan 15, 2011 3:27 am

Name: Chace Engle
Age 22
Appearance: Chace is tall and lean. He seems wiry. A body made for movement he is amazing on a broom. He has hazel eyes that can be seen under his long lashes and trimmed hair.
Character History: Chace has always been somewhat of a party boy. He was one of the most popular Gryffindors when in school. This charming capabilities transferred over to when he was older. When he graduated he got together with his best friend and opened up a night club and bar.
Weaknesses: He's very stubborn and rash in his actions.
Strengths: He is very intelligent and knows what he wants and how to get it.
Store: Club 87
Position: Co-Owner
Alternative Choice: Manager
RP Sample: It's me B
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Hayden Valentine
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Hayden Valentine

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PostSubject: Re: Shop Owner Registrations   Sat Jan 15, 2011 3:35 am

Name: Hayden Valentine
Age 22
Appearance: Hayden has dark hair and dark eyes. He speaks with an Irish accent. He has a body made for sin. He is a bit taller than Chace.
Character History: Hayden's dad owned a pub back before Hayden was born. However, they had to close it. As he grew Hayden heard these stories and knew that he wanted to one day have a place to create his own stories. So when his best friend suggested the idea of a nighclub that serviced as a pub during the day he was all for the idea. His friendship with Chace was an odd one since Hayden was in Slytherin. However the boys got along really well.
Weaknesses: He tends to over analyze situations and is very reluctant to make a permanent decision.
Strengths: He is very intelligent and personable. He empathizes easily and is a good dueler.
Store: Club 87
Position: Co- Owner
Alternative Choice: Bar Tender
RP Sample: It's me B.
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Zoe Spencer
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Zoe Spencer

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PostSubject: Re: Shop Owner Registrations   Thu Jan 20, 2011 11:16 am

Name: Zoe Isabella Spencer

Age: 19

Appearance: Long, dark brown hair that falls in curls down her back. Perfect skin and smile, along with cute dimples, pouty lips and green-blue eyes. She is very tiny and feminine.

Character History: Is the oldest of three girls, and one little brother. Her sisters are both at Hogwarts, Ava who is sixteen, and Emma who is fifteen. Her brother Finn is nine. Her parents are very protective of her, so she hasn't told them she wants to be an auror someday. She was in Gryffindor in school and got very high marks. But for now, she cares more about just earning money until she can focus on training at the Ministry. She works as a bartender at Club 87. She has had a long-time crush on her boss, Hayden, but she is too shy with him to mention it. She is not shy with anyone but him.

Weaknesses: Headstrong, stubborn, opinionated, picks fights, cannot speak her mind when it really counts.

Strengths: Loyal, intelligent, brave, strong, romantic

Store: Club 87

Position: Trainee/Bartender

Alternative Choice: Trainee/Waitress

RP Sample:

Zoe stood behind the bar and watched him, her drink orders disappearing somewhere in the recesses of her mind. Hayden tended to do that to her. And if she didn't get control over it, her unrequited lover would fire her and she would be out on her ass, broke AND lonely.

It was embarrassing that she had to go ask her customers to repeat what they wanted again. But sometimes, Zoe made mistakes on purpose, just to get Hayden to come over and help her out. Was that desperate? Maybe. But if it meant that she got to see that smile again, or hear his was all worth it.
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Liam Walsh
Shop Assistant: Flourish and Blotts: 18 yrs old
Liam Walsh

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PostSubject: Re: Shop Owner Registrations   Sat Apr 30, 2011 10:08 pm

Name: Liam Antonio Walsh

Age 18

Appearance: Short dark hair, intense piercing dark eyes, very muscular body, but it's natural, he's never had to work for his physique

Character History: Recently left Hogwarts and isn't sure that he wants to follow his NEWT's, so is taking a postion as a shop keeper until he decides. Was born three and a quarter minutes before his twin, Loran, who died when the boys ere six, from scarlet fever. Recently lost his parents as they never fully recovered from their son's death and it weakened their hearts. Liam spent most of his life taking care of them, until their deaths at the beginning of his seventh year in Hogwarts.

Weaknesses: Was not good at Potions, tends to be short when people ask him too many questions, since it reminds him of his parents.

Strengths: Was best at Charms and Transfiguration, has a great eye for detail, which would have been beneficial to his NEWT choices and whatever postion he finally decides on.

Store: Flourish and Blotts or Honeydukes

Position: Shopkeeper

Alternative Choice: Order Taker

RP Sample: Liam stood over the graves of his parents and twin brother. He'd come to tell them that he'd be moving away from his childhood home. It was time, and he needed to start his life over without the memory of them being there all the time, with everything that he did.

He lay the bouquets of flowers on each of their headstones, kissing them before placing them before the names of his lost family. He missed them so much, but he had to leave them. It would be the hardest thing he had ever done, but it had to be. He just didn't see his life going anywhere in this tiny town. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

"Mom, Dad, Loran...... I'm moving."

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PostSubject: Re: Shop Owner Registrations   

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Shop Owner Registrations
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