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 Adult Registrations!

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Dylan Meyers
Muggle: Co-Owner of Meyers Motorcycle Mechanics: 22 yrs old

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PostSubject: Re: Adult Registrations!   Sun Mar 20, 2011 9:15 am

Name: Dylan Meyers

Age: 22

Appearance: Short blonde-ish, brown-ish hair, light green eyes, full lips, nice body.

Character History: Dylan grew up in Wisconsin with his parents, and his older brother, Aaron. They were raised to be passionate about motorcycles, but Harleys ruled all. He loves working with his hands, but it is not his only passion. He also loves being outside and exploring, as well as traveling. His parents died when he was sixteen, so his brother took them both to live in England. Dylan didn't love it right away, but after a little while, he knew it was the right choice. He also didn't even need to go back to school. They opened up their own bike garage and everything worked out from there.

When he was seventeen, he went in for a tattoo of his parents names. He met Marisol Collins, who he thought was the love of his life. He gave his heart to her, but she gave it back. So since then, he has dated a few girls, but no one like Marisol. In general, he is shy towards the opposite sex, but he is a gentleman through and through.

Position Applying For: Muggle, Co-Owner of Meyers Motorcycle Mechanics

RP Sample: It's Laura.
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PostSubject: Re: Adult Registrations!   Tue Apr 05, 2011 11:43 am

Name: Nathan Harrison Granger

Age: 41

Appearance: Tall, dark wavy hair, perfect smile, blue-green eyes, five o'clock shadow, light muscular build.

Character and Family History: Born in Dublin, 1969. He was always at the top of his class in school, and very popular. He wasn't an athlete, though, just a very kind person. His parents were happily married and he has two younger sisters. He met his wife Sofia when he was 21, at an old-fashioned fair where their bumper cars became stuck together. They were married two years later. He finished his undergraduate degree at Oxford, then moved to Cambridge for Dentistry school.

Nate and Sofi tried for three years to conceive their daughter, Hermione. She was healthy at birth, but Sofi suffered from complications which prevented her from ever having another child. Hermione is the love of their lives and they never regretted for a moment that they were lucky enough to have her.

Position Applying For: Muggle Dentist

RP Sample: Nathan stood in the doorway of his daughter's room, not wanting to make a sound in case he woke her. Tomorrow she would be heading off to another year at Hogwarts and their home would lose part of it's spirit. Hermione was the best thing that had ever happened to him, and he was sure Sofi felt the same. They had tried for years to conceive her, and now he couldn't even imagine a life without his beautiful little girl.

He moved quietly to her bedside and sat carefully, placing a warm hand on her soft cheek. He smiled to himself, wondering what dreams were passing through her mind. His daughter had experienced things he knew he could never imagine, and sometimes he wondered if he was even worthy to be her father, when she had so much to teach him about life and love. He sighed softly, and then bent forward and kissed her forehead.

"Sweet dreams, darling."
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Danae Mason
Adult: Dancer: Owner of Dani's Dance Academy: 27 yrs old

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PostSubject: Re: Adult Registrations!   Thu May 05, 2011 1:53 am

Name: Danae Sariah Mason

Age: 27

Appearance: Not too tall, around 5'6. She has blonde hair that is usually worn long and in curls, but sometimes she likes to change things up a bit and cut it down to a pixie cut. She has high cheek bones, perfect lips and dark brown eyes. She has an athletic figure and a diamond-shaped face.

Character History: Danae Matthison grew up in Manhattan, New York. She lived a very privileged life, being an only child. Her father was a wizard, but her mother was a muggle who was scared of magic. Danae was not allowed to do magic in or outside of her home, but she found ways to hone her craft. Her talent was especially noticeable in her dancing. It was clear Danae had a real gift. She went to Juilliard when she was sixteen and then began to audition for roles on Broadway. But when the London Ballet came for an audition, she could not pass it up. She worked hard for months in preparation, and without using any magic, she got in.

She spent a few years living her dream with the London Ballet Company, but a devastating ankle injury during one of the performances for Swan Lake seemed to end her dancing career. The healers at St. Mungo's were able to get her dancing again, but she had lost so much confidence. It was during those dark days that she met her beloved future husband, Noah Mason. It was the first time in a long time that she could see her dreams for the future changing, and she wasn't sad about it. She loved him and they married by the time Danae was 21. They had their first son two years later, and their second two years after that.

Danae is a free spirit. She loves life, but she can also be very independent and stubborn. When she decided to open up her own dance studio for children, nothing could stop her until she succeeded.

Family History: She no longer speaks to her parents, unless it is a rare occasion. They were not pleased with her decision to move and stay in London. She has no siblings.

Position Applying For: Dancer and Owner of Dani's Dance Academy

RP Sample: It's Laura.
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Drew Mason
Adult: Gringott's Curse Breaker: 26 yrs old

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PostSubject: Re: Adult Registrations!   Fri May 06, 2011 10:43 pm

Name: Andrew "Drew" William Mason

Age: 26

Appearance: Tall, thin, nice body, dark brown hair, perfect smile, mischievous glint to his eyes

Character History: Drew is the second oldest in the Mason family. He sees himself as the 'fun' brother. He loves playing jokes and seeking for adventure. His marks were high in defense and Arithmancy, so he was counseled to go for curse breaking. It turned out that the career satisfied his need for adventure, as well as using his talents to help the wizarding community. He loves traveling the world. He also loves his family, he's just not around as much as he should be.

He has never been in real love, but he has had his heart broken many times. He is a romantic at heart and he wants to marry and have children someday, just like his brother.

Family History: See Hallie Mason

Position Applying For: Gringott's Curse Breaker

RP Sample: It's Laura.
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PostSubject: Re: Adult Registrations!   

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Adult Registrations!
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