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 Just Some Decorating (Open to Anyone)

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Michelle Fletcher
Hogwarts Staff: Art Professor: 24 yrs old
Michelle Fletcher

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PostSubject: Just Some Decorating (Open to Anyone)   Sat Apr 30, 2011 12:55 pm

Michelle smiled as she began moving around her office. She was so excited for the start of term that she could just barely wait. But Headmaster Snape said that she could use one week to get her lesson plans together before starting her lessons. She had ordered a large shipment of sketch pads, canvases, pain, and pencils. She was prepared to start right then and there! But she respected the Headmaster's wishes and decided that she would spend most of the week decorating her office. She also needed to move furniture around Alec's and hers quarters. They didn't want to buy too much furniture seeing as they would only live their during the school year, but with the money she brought in and the money Alec brought in as well they had more then enough to decorate....and they also needed to go and buy baby furniture for their newest addition.

Sitting down at her desk she looked up at the walls and smiled. Everything was coming together and the light from the windows was contrasting beautifully with the light paint. She was so excited! Gently resting her hands on her tummy she lightly swayed in her chair.

"Little one you are going to be so happy," she smiled. "Mummy and daddy have wonderful jobs and we will buy you the world if we can."

Of course Michelle knew that they would try. Even with the new amount of money come in they would never be extremely wealthy. But Michelle didn't want to live that way. She was quite content with their way of life....this new income would just make things a bit easier. Rocking lightly in her chair she jumped as a knock sounded on her door.

Who could that be? She had not met many of her students, if any at all. Maybe it was Alec playing a joke on her. Still she knew that she could not keep her students waiting if they wanted to speak with her.

"'s open!"
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Just Some Decorating (Open to Anyone)
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