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 Hide & Seek [[Addie]]

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Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood

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PostSubject: Hide & Seek [[Addie]]   Fri Apr 15, 2011 8:56 pm

    Luna walked through the halls, her eyes scanning the area for her bag. She didn’t understand those Slytherin kids. She knew her father was always telling her to be tolerant of others but with Slytherins she actually had to try. Stopping near one of the suits of armor she placed up a sign with a picture of her bag. She really needed to get it back, all her school work was in there as well as her books. She had tried summoning it, but wherever it was, it must be locked because none of the spells were working.

    She didn’t know why they picked on her. They called her strange and unusual but she didn’t think that was a good enough reason. Then again, she supposed that most Slytherin didn’t need valid reasons to be cruel. It was something she would never understand about this world. She supposed she was a lot like her father in that manner and she was glad for it.

    She walked a few more feet, peeking in closed classrooms and summoning her bag several more times before climbing up the stairs and onto the fifth floor corridor. Hopefully, she would have better luck here. She set about her hunt again, her soft blue eyes glancing this way and that but to no avail. The young girl was frustrated and almost to the verge of tears. She had her favorite quill in that bag too!

    She placed up another flyer before taking her wand and pointing it down the corridor. “Accio Bag!” Although she wasn’t expecting anything different she was surprised when one of the suits of armor down the hall started shaking, a loud clanging coming from within it. She hurried down happy that she was going to get her things back. However, she had celebrated too soon because before she could extend her hands outward her bag came flying free hitting her in the chest incredibly hard.

    She doubled over, trying to catch her breath. She felt winded but relieved, despite the bruise that was about to form. Quickly she looked through her bag, checking to see if everything was where it was supposed to be. At first glance she had a small hope that this would be the end of her search. However, the more she dug through the more she discovered she was wrong. Her journal and her purple quill were missing.

    The young girl felt tears of frustration spring to her eyes. She wished she could go a week without having something taken from her. She sat on the floor next to the suit of armor thinking of all the posters she would need to change. The more she thought about it the more upset she got. All she found herself wishing for was her best friend.


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Adeline Bowen
Adeline Bowen

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PostSubject: Re: Hide & Seek [[Addie]]   Fri Apr 15, 2011 9:19 pm

Addie was looking for one of two people...Will or her best friend Luna Lovegood. Adeline loved that girl! Her father was one of the smartest men in the world, and Luna was the biggest sweetheart on God's green earth. Nothing would ever make Addie want to stop being around her! Walking down the hall with a light smile on her lips and a slight spring in her step she grinned. Today was such a beautiful day and she was supposed to meet Will for another "private" dancing lesson. However, Addie was certain her dear had canceled on her. He wasn't much for dancing.

Continuing down the hall she heard a large thump from down the corridor and quickening her pace she went to investigate. And low and behold there was he beloved friend Luna!

"Luna!" she smiled.

But her smile quickly faded when she saw her friends eyes appeared moist with tears. Her poor friend! She never wanted to see her cry! Adeline didn't think anyone would ever have to cry, unless those were tears of joy that were being spilled. However Adeline could tell the difference.

"I'm sorry my friend," she said gently, hugging her friend tightly. "Whatever those horrid snakes did to you we will fix. I promise goddess."

Addie always called Luna goddess, mostly because she felt that no one at this school could compare to her best friends beauty. Maybe they could find William and get Elliot to get her things back. Addie was never one for violence and she knew that her best friend followed a similar motto.

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Hide & Seek [[Addie]]
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