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 Adult Registrations!

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Severus Snape
Administrator: Hogwarts Staff: Headmaster: Occlumens: Legilimens: 34 yrs old

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PostSubject: Adult Registrations!   Mon Nov 29, 2010 7:28 am

Well, obviously not everyone in the Wizarding World could be a teacher or work as a Healer at St. Mungo's. This application is for those that have set out to have a different trade. You can apply for any job you want here. Professional Quidditch Players must include the name of their team, position, and must have a record of playing Quidditch at school in their character history.




[b]Character History:[/b]

[b]Family History:[/b]

[b]Position Applying For:[/b]

[b]RP Sample:[/b]

Please Copy and Paste this in the response box

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Cathy Radcliffe
Shop Manager: Flourish and Blotts: 36 yrs old

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PostSubject: Re: Adult Registrations!   Wed Dec 01, 2010 6:34 pm

Name: Cathy Dianne Radcliffe

Age: 35

Appearance: Long brown hair, Brown eyes, stands around five feet, six inches, good figure, but thinks that she could stand to lose a few pounds. wears jeans and sweaters when at home, but will dress up occasionally

Character History: Only child of a Muggleborn witch and wizard, sorted into Gryffindor house, best subjects were potions and charms, she met her husband right out of school and married him when she was nineteen. Gave birth to four children- Thedore- 14, Matthew- 11, and twins Susan and Sarah- 9. Divorced her husband after learning that he'd been having an affair ever since the twins were two.

Family History: Parents doted on their only child and were thrilled that she was sorted Gryffindor. They were unable to have any more children after Cathy was born, and both died before they saw their grandchildren

Position Applying For: Shop Manager of Flourish and Blotts

RP Sample: Ever since her divorce, Cathy had found that she was much happier. She didn't have to wonder where her husband was anymore, and she liked the fact that she now had more time to make potions and teach her two children that had inherited the powers that she'd been born with. But now she had to search for a job, and there was only one place that she could think of to look, as she'd never held a position in her life. She would look in the Dailey Prophet.

Upon scanning the want ads in that day's issue, Cathy had a bit of a list to try, so she put on her jacket and set out to see if she could find a job that day.
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Celeste Showers
Adult: Private Art/Music Teacher: 38 yrs old

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PostSubject: Re: Adult Registrations!   Sat Dec 04, 2010 12:45 pm

Name: Celeste Amelia Showers

Age: 38

Appearance: Beautiful dark eyes and flowing auburn hair that touches her upper back. She has a bright smile and when happy her eyes sparkle like onyx stars. She is tall and thin and has a beautiful figure.

Character History: Born into a wizarding family Celeste never had to live without magic. Although the muggle world had always fascinated her she never took the time to really study it. She went to Hogwarts as a smart Ravenclaw and took to all of her classes like a fish does to water.

But logic always seemed to bore Celeste and she chose to invest in a career where imagination and classical arts took over. Her mother and father live in the States and because of a family feud between the Showers and Weabers she hasn't spoken to them in since her wedding.

Upon graduation Celeste tried her hand at becoming a Potions Master, but after a horrid mistake with a love potion she gave up that aspiration. Ironically thought it was where she had met her husband Aiden Showers. A couple of years later Aiden and Celeste gave birth to their beautiful daughter April Shower and when she turned ten she had her second child June...who suffers from a weak immune system do to some complications at birth.

Family History: Celeste came from a half-blood family, with parents that sought out to control everything she did or said. Her father who had gone to Hogwarts as a Ravenclaw was very hot-tempered and big headed, whereas her mother was more or less one of those picture perfect housewives.

Position Applying For: Private Music/Art Teacher

RP Sample: Brushing a few strands of auburn hair away from her eyes Celeste awaited her next pupil. She had just spent the past hour explaining to a girl why a c-chord on a piano was the basis of most songs. Needless to say she knew the girl had lost interest. But now she was awaiting her art student to come and she would teach her the beauty of paint on a canvas.

The whole studio was quiet but Celeste expected as much. She liked the silence until her students came. Then she encouraged them to be as loud and expressive as possible. The door to her "school" opened and she heard footsteps as they made there way up the stairs.

"Hey Ms. Drye," she said warmly. "Ready to get painting?"
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Michelle Fletcher
Hogwarts Staff: Art Professor: 24 yrs old

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PostSubject: Re: Adult Registrations!   Sat Dec 04, 2010 9:12 pm

Name: Michelle Lilian Reynolds

Age: 23

Appearance: Beautiful chocolate brown hair and lovely warm eyes. Her smile is very bright and gentle and something that if anyone sees it the relish it in their mind forever. Her nose is small and cute and has a few freckles on it from when she was a little girl and used to play in the sun. She had a beautiful hour glass figure and is a generally small woman.

Character History: Michelle was born February 14, 1993 in Houston, Texas. Her parents were both magically inclined but did not really like to bother with their child all that much. As she grew up in her town she became friends with Alec Fletcher who she spent most of her teenage years dating.

When she found out she was a witch they didn't give a damn. She lived in America all of her teenage life and most of her adulthood raising her daughter she had conceived at the age of eighteen.

She struggled as a single mother but continued with her schooling and funded her lifestyle by working as a photographer for various magazines. But realizing she could not make it on her own she decided that it would be cheaper for her to live in London England and maybe work for an illustrator there.

Family History: Michelle comes from an all muggle family. She had always been a tomboy in her house, which was ironic because her parents had hoped to have a daughter that would be more or less into the girlie side of life. However she continued with her quest to be like one of the guys.

Position Applying For: Artist

RP Sample: Michelle was outside, a place where most of her inspiration took place. God how she adored the outdoors! The colors of the world just played a wonderful symphony for her. She adored every little minute of it! And what was wonderful was that her job allowed her to capture every minute of it!

Taking out her camera she pointed it at several cherry blossoms that had positioned themselves perfectly on a tree. Holding her breath, as if she was afraid the beautiful sight before her would shatter like glass, she snapped a picture and smiled.

"I cannot believe," she chuckled. "They actually pay me to do this!"
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Gavin Brodie
Adult: Archaeologist: 26 yrs old

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PostSubject: Re: Adult Registrations!   Sat Dec 04, 2010 11:19 pm

Name: Gavin Faolan Brodie

Age: 25

Appearance: Deep brown hair, chiseled sharp features, bright blue eyes, five-o-clock shadow, basically: tall, dark and handsome

Character History: Born to muggle parents. He has always had a healthy love of history and traveled all over Europe throughout his childhood, but he originally hails from Glasgow, Scotland. When he was nine, he began showing magical tendencies, and his parents found through their genealogy that his mother was descended from a wizarding family long ago. He went to Hogwarts and was a very dutiful Ravenclaw, his favorite and best subject Ancient Runes.

He currently travels the world as an archaeologist and specializes in discovering ancient magical objects. He is also madly in love with his girlfriend, Rachel Fletcher.

Family History: Born to loving parents, Emma and Robert Brodie. They are still married.

Position Applying For: Archaeologist

RP Sample:

Gavin sighed. He was bored. And walking through the Ministry was only adding to his boredom. He had come back from a long trip in Germany, and he was hoping to find some random woman he could dazzle with it. But it was surprising to see that not many women could understand him. He thought the Ministry of Magic would promote the learning of other cultures and languages, but it was clear he was wrong. That was until he heard her. She was in her own little office laughing, and talking to one of her friends in fluent German. He looked inside and smiled. She was gorgeous. She had wonderful black hair and bright hazel eyes. Well it looked like he had found the woman he could dazzle today. But she didn't look like the type to be impressed by a language. Maybe pulling the stupid card would win her heart. It was one of Gavin's specialties...he had gotten quite a few dates pulling the "I'm an innocent immigrant card." But looking at the girl he knew that he wanted more than a date. He wanted to get to know this girl. She fascinated him, and that was saying something.

"Entschuldigen Sie mich?" (Pardon Me) he said, hopefully getting her attention. "Aber ich verlange Hilfe. Mein Vorgesetzter sagte, zu Ihnen für die Hilfe zu kommen, als es zur Kunst kam, Englisch zu lernen." (But I require assistance. My superior said to come to you for help when it came to the art of learning English.)
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Alex Bailey
Adult: Romance Novelist: 38 yrs old

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Age : 46
Location : Mystical Manuscripts and Publications

PostSubject: Re: Adult Registrations!   Sun Dec 05, 2010 11:07 am

Name: Alexander Bailey

Age: 38

Appearance: Tall, muscular build, brown spiky hair, green eyes, gorgeous smile

Character History: Born in December 1979, in a small English town along the coast. His parents were both muggles and they brought him up to love life, color, art and everything open-minded and original. It was not a shock or a surprise when his magic appeared at the young age of eight. He got his letter from Hogwarts and the sorting hat took some time to decide between Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw, but he ended up in Hufflepuff.

Alex met his ex-wife, Amelia at an art museum in London, when he was 19. They were married a year later, and he had not told her about his magical abilities. It was a sore spot when she found out and she resented him, even when she was expecting their daughter. Alex was 21 when Samara was born and from the very beginning, they just clicked. In every way imaginable, especially artistically. That was also difficult for Amelia to accept. By the time their daughter was in her fourth year at Hogwarts, she could not handle their differences anymore and asked for a divorce.

Approximately a year ago, Alex started becoming very ill with what was diagnosed as heart disease. It didn't make any sense, with how much Alex took care of himself, but he was still told it was terminal. Alex has always loved life and been optimistic about everything, so he has come to terms with his impending death. His only concern is how Samara will be provided for.

Family History: See above. His parents are still living.

Position Applying For: Romance Novelist

RP Sample: Alex laid on his bed, thinking of the perfect opening sentence of his current novel. This would have to be a good one, it was most likely his last. And Samara would need some money to help her through her graduation and adult life. He wracked his brain for something original and thought-provoking as an opening line. Why was this so bloody hard? He was usually the creative one! Maybe he was focusing too much on it. He decided to go make himself something to eat.

It was when he was down in the kitchen, that his epiphany struck him. He ran to grab a napkin and quill so he would not forget. He could visualize his female lead in a cafe, staring at her half-eaten sandwich and wishing it was not the only thing she had to look forward to that day. And as for his opening line?

'Comparing true love to a turkey on wheat sub may have been where all of my problems began.'
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PostSubject: Re: Adult Registrations!   Sun Dec 05, 2010 3:16 pm

Name: Miranda Lane

Age: 39

Appearance: Gentle blue eyes and a smile that everyone wants to see but is rarely seen, a set of full lips, average height, fairly thin, wonderful figure

Character History: Miranda was born and raised in a UK family. She was an only child that loved to read and dreamed of making a big name for herself when she grew up. Both of her parents encouraged her to shoot for the stars and she did just that. Her parents were both wizards that had attended Hogwarts back in the day but her grandparents were muggles. She went through school with not many friends. She was too into her school work, too set on finding her future. Miranda believed that her goals came first and that when she got older she could make friends then.

When it came to magic Miranda excelled. However she wanted a job that paid well and would assure her that her life was set out in front of her on a silver platter. So she went into the publishing business, starting first as an editor for plain manuscripts and working her way up to a publisher of her own orginization, Mystical Manuscripts and Publications. She had abandoned her family for this dream, only stopping in for Holidays and the like.

Presently she publishes for several renowned novelist but her most common being Alexander Bailey...the man that she is coincidentally head of heels in love with...but has yet to discover that herself.

Family History: Her family are muggle and once she moved out of the house she never really got back into contact with them unless it was a holiday or birthday

Position Applying For: Head Publisher of Mystical Manuscripts and Publications

RP Sample: Miranda was sitting at her desk with manuscript after manuscript in front of her. She was drowning in papers! Sighing she pulled another one in front of her and began reading the first sentence. Rolling her eyes she summoned a trash can and tossed it into it. If she got one more bloody story on sparkling vampires and handsome werewolves she was going to puke! What happened to the good old days when vampires killed people and sucked their blood clean out of their bodies! Those were the days that Miranda longed for.

Taking up another manuscript she was prepared to toss it through a window. Another vampire love story! Wasn't there one somewhere that didn't involve love, vampires, and glitter?! No, of course not! Because apparently that was all teenagers were willing to read and digest.

Miranda wanted the next Jane Austen, someone that wrote realistic fiction. Something that didn't involve vampires...or at least in that sense of the creature. Rolling her eyes she propped her feet up on her desk and went back to reading.

"Ugh," she growled. "Why do I even bother?!"
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Jeffrey Winter
Muggle: Secondary school teacher: 40 yrs old

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PostSubject: Re: Adult Registrations!   Wed Dec 08, 2010 12:57 pm

Name: Jeffrey Winter

Age: 40

Appearance: Tall, dark blonde hair, light green eyes

Character History: Born in May of 1954. He is a muggle, but because all of his children have exhibited magical tendencies, he believes he has magic in his family history somewhere. He grew up in Wales and has one younger brother named Richard. He met Sara in an ice cream store when he was twenty, while he was going to University to become a teacher. They were married soon after and had Gareth when he was twenty-two.

He learned quickly that she was a witch. And it was easily apparent in all of his children. He has never been freaked out by any of the magic, he just thinks it is very cool.

Family History: His mother is still alive, his father passed away five years ago. And his four oldest children are at Hogwarts.

Position Applying For: Muggle; Primary school teacher

RP Sample: Jeffrey smiled as he paced in front of his sixth year class. He knew they knew the answer, but they were just being stubborn. It reminded him of his own children. He turned to the class and raised his eyebrows.

"Are we sure no one has the correct answer? Too bad...I was going to give a hefty bag of candy to the first student to answer..."

And that was what did it. Nearly every hand in the class lifted excitedly and he chuckled in response.

"Alright, alright...say the answer together and everyone can have a chocolate."

He smiled as they did as they were told, then he passed around the candy. It might not have been the best idea right before the school day ended, but they would not be his problem in twenty minutes. And the thought made his grin grow broader.

(OOC: I thought it could just work with an adult registration, but if you want to make a muggle registration, I will redo it.)
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Oliver Wood
Adult: Reserve Keeper for Puddlemere United: 18 yrs old

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PostSubject: Re: Adult Registrations!   Thu Dec 09, 2010 9:12 pm

Name: Oliver Wood

Age: 18

Appearance: Short brown hair, hazel eyes, muscular build that is perfect for keeping Quidditch goals

Character History: Quidditch Captain of Gryffindor while he was at Hogwarts is all that is really said about Oliver's history.

Family History: His family history was never mentioned

Position Applying For: Reserve Keeper for Puddlemere United.

RP Sample: Oliver looked at the team that was assembled in front of him. This coach had no idea what he was doing! Oliver could do a better coaching job in his sleep! This was so stupid, sending the Beaters to the far side of the pitch and leaving their Chasers unprotected? What kind of fool did that?!

He didn't say a word though, just mounted his broom and took his place in front of the goals.

He was surprised! Within five minutes, the reserve team had made five goals and he himself had saved six times!

"Guess there are still some things that even I could learn!"

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Mia Watts
Daily Prophet: Reporter: 24 yrs old

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PostSubject: Re: Adult Registrations!   Tue Dec 14, 2010 12:56 am

Name: Mia Caroline Watts

Age: 24

Appearance: Tall, blond, beautiful blue eyes, athletic build, soft features, is sexy without meaning to be

Character History: Born in Wales in 1970, her mother is a muggle and her father is a wizard. She has an older half-brother named Gavin Brodie, but he doesn't know about her. Mia's father had been engaged to Gavin's mother, but ended up leaving her for his current wife. He was never a part of Gavin's life. Mia was sorted into Gavin's house at Hogwarts, but she never had the guts to tell him they were siblings.

She loves writing, which is why she is working at the Prophet, but she is working on her own mystery novel, hoping to get published someday.

She met her long-time boyfriend, Steven, about a year after finishing Hogwarts. She loves him more than life itself, which is why she convinced him to take a safer job with the Ministry. And she was overjoyed when he moved from the U.S. She hopes he will propose soon, but she is content just to be with him.

Family History: See above

Position Applying For: Reporter for the Daily Prophet

RP Sample: Mia gulped in the face of her boss. She couldn't believe she had lost the lead they had been working on! She was supposed to tail him, follow him wherever he went...but he was fast and she was worried she would be made. So she stayed far behind, and now he had gotten away.

"Sir, I promise you, it will not happen again."

But she realized remaining silent would be a better idea than trying to wriggle her way out of this one. So she looked him in the eye and waited for her fate to be decided.

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Blair Valari
Adult: Model/ Veela: 35 yrs old

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PostSubject: Re: Adult Registrations!   Sat Dec 18, 2010 12:48 am

Age: 35

Appearance: Blair has long pale blonde hair that goes well with her pale skin tone. She is a very curvacious beautiful woman. She was born of seduction and beauty. Her lips are plump and beautiful her nose dainty and proportional.

Character History: Blair was born a veela. Her powers were apparent from her birth. She used them mostly to get what she wanted and never worked a day in her life until she met Caleb. He was something different and for once it seemed the only straight man that didn't want to get in her pants. This rejection intrigued her and before she knew it the young woman fell in love. They married and had three children, from there Blair decided she needed to do something to earn a living. So she became a model.

Family History: Her family life was rough as Veela's don't really like competition when she started drawing the attention of other males she was told to leave.

Position Applying For: Model/ Veela

RP Sample: Blair was beginning to get upset at the photographer. It wasn't something she wanted to do since she wasn't entirely camera perfect when she was upset. Sometimes she envied her daughters, their good looks and charms didn't come at a price like hers did. Still with Caleb's help she was becoming much better at controlling her emotions. Taking a brief pause she flashed him her brightest smile knowing that her hair was beginning to glow as she turned on her Veela charm.

"Antoine do you think we could take a teeny tiny little break?" she said her voice flowing like silk over her lips. She knew there was no way he could resist saying no to her and for the millionth time found herself grateful for the fact that he was one of the only straight male photographers in the business.
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Vela Barron
Adult: Singer/Songwriter: 19 yrs old

Posts : 16
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PostSubject: Re: Adult Registrations!   Thu Jan 06, 2011 5:20 pm

Name: Vela Barron

Age: 19 yrs old

Appearance: Beautiful brown hair, with warm colored eyes, she is a sweet looking girl. She has a tattoo on her lower back and several discolorations on her back, from an unknown source.

Character History: Vela comes from a family that never really appreciated her. As far as Vela was concerned no one had wanted her as their child. She had always been that rebellious soul and had lived to defy her parents. Of course she payed the price later, but for the thrill she dealt with it. She had gone to Hogwarts and graduated as a trouble maker of Gryfindor Tower. She would hang around the pranksters and cause as much havoc as she could.

However school was never really Vela's thing. She had always preferred performing, and playing guitar for her classmates. She had decided that she would persure a career as a performing and upon leaving Hogwarts she had been discovered by a small agency and began making a title for herself. Of course she was still just starting out, but she would find an occasional fan that asked for an autograph or a picture together.

Family History: Both of her parents were muggle Douche Bags.

Position Applying For: Singer/Songwriter

RP Sample: Vela sighed from her bed and continued strumming random chords. They rang out against her acoustic guitar and smacked against the wall. However whenever they came back to her she found herself more and more disappointed with the sound. God, she was just lacking inspiration at the present moment. But she knew who she could get it from.

Smiling she got up from her bed and began pulling a pair of jeans and a t-shirt on. If anyone could make her feel better, it was her Oli.
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Armistad Xandex
Adult: Adolescents Counselor: 23 yrs old

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Age : 31

PostSubject: Re: Adult Registrations!   Fri Jan 07, 2011 2:10 pm

Name: Armistad Markus Xandex

Age: 23

Appearance: Chocolate brown hair, crystal blue eyes, stands an even six feet and tends to dress as he feels comfortable

Character History: His magical powers were kept secret from the rest of the Xandex family, he was sent to Durmstrang to keep the others in the dark about it. He was never happy there, but got good marks. Recently heard that his cousin has the same powers and wanted to help him in anyway that he could.

Family History: Armis' parents were afraid that they would be banished from the family if they told that their only child had magical powers when he was a few months old, so Markus and Emily Xandex moved to another city in England after the powers started to be to difficult to hide. They started their lives over in a town in Wales, and would have sent their son to Hogwarts, but it was too close to home for them, so they instead registered him in Durmstrang.

They still live in Wales, and still try to keep their son's powers a secret from all of the family except his cousin, Max, who was disowned for being a wizard, and a bisexual one at that.

Position Applying For: Male model or Counselor
RP Sample: Armis looked around his new environment. He had come looking for his cousin, and the help that he would be able to give.

He knew that the younger boy had been disowned, but that didn't mean much to Armistad. He and his parents had never felt the same way as the rest of the family. And it was because of this, that he knew his cousin would be a help.

He'd heard of the situation his cousin was now in, and didn't want to get in the way of that if he could avoid it. If he was happy, Armis wasn't going to break that up. He looked up and saw his cousin at last. He stood and called out to him.


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Echo Salander
Adult: Lead Vocalist for Love Like Winter: 19yrs old

Posts : 19
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PostSubject: Re: Adult Registrations!   Fri Jan 14, 2011 7:42 pm

Age: 19

Appearance: Echo has long blonde hair that falls around her hips. She has a small nose and full medium lips. She isn't overly tall standing at 5'7" most of which is legs. She has dainty hands with long fingers. She is very slender.

Character History: Echo was the only child of Hero and November Salander. However, when she was eleven they died and she was put into the system. She bounced around from house to house during her years in Hogwarts. She was abused physically and mentally when she was fifteen which led to an emotional disconnect. From there Echo started using drugs and drinking to alleviate what she was feeling. When she finally graduated and was old enough to be on her own she was deemed incompetent and was given a trustee to manage her finances. Although she is exceptionally bright she doesn't like discussing her feelings and stayed silent during every single meeting with her therapist which led to the trustee issues.

Family History: Echo doesn't know much about her parents. She knows that they were both wizards. Although her father wasn't very adept at magic. Her mother was a school teacher and her father worked as an undertaker for a cementary. They met in Hogwarts and fell in love. After they married they moved to the states until Echo was seven when they moved back so she could have an education at Hogwarts.

Position Applying For: Lead Vocalist for Love Like Winter

RP Sample: It's me B!
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Alexskandr Feodor
Adult: Drummer for Love like Winter: 19 yrs old

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PostSubject: Re: Adult Registrations!   Sat Jan 15, 2011 1:46 am

Name:Alexskandr Feodor

Age: 19

Appearance: Alexskandr has green eyes and light brown hair. He is very muscular like his older brother. He stands at a very menacing 6'3".

Character History: Alexskandr is the middle child of the Feodor family. Often called Skan he was raised with less rules than his eldest brother but with the same need to protect his younger sister. A strict Russian family they are strong believers in blood purity although this had lessened in Skan as he has grown older. He has a rather harsh temperament and is known for picking bar fights. Sometimes aloof Skan if very protective of the people he cares for.

Family History: Andrei Alexskandr attended Drumstrang and did not meet his betrothed until the night of their wedding. Thankfully as fate would have it they were meant for each other. They married and had the three Feodor children.

Position Applying For: Drummer for Love like Winter.

RP Sample: It's B
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Andrei Feodor
Adult: Dragon Trainer: 23 yrs old

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PostSubject: Re: Adult Registrations!   Sat Jan 15, 2011 2:16 am

Name: Andrei Feodor

Age: 23

Appearance: Andrei looks very much like his brother only larger. His work as a dragon trainer exercises his body. He stands at an intimidating 6'5". His body is smooth although there are a few scars on his back. A work hazard as it is.

Character History: Andrei is the eldest of the Feodor family. He had the responsibility to look after his siblings and it is his legacy that will carry the strongest of the Feodor name. However, as he grew older he realized that these rules don't always make sense. He's becoming his own man much to the dismay of his father and chances are if offered the company he will decline his rightful inheritance.

Family History: Same as skan's

Position Applying For: Dragon Trainer

RP Sample: it's Me B
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PostSubject: Re: Adult Registrations!   Sun Jan 16, 2011 9:31 pm

Name: Amity Flynn

Age: 22

Appearance: Curly brown hair and a very warm, heart shaped face with a full set of crimson lips, beautiful brown eyes and a wonderful figure.

Character History: Amity grew up in a rather rough household, she was catered to all of her life and her parents constantly pressed their image of what her future should be like upon her. They wanted her to fall in line with the family tradition and become a member of the Wizegmont. However Amity strayed away from her parents dreams and sought out a career in the music industry. She wanted to play piano and sing for the public. So she set after this career, however it was kept in secret for her parents would never approve.

She graduated from Hogwarts with top marks because her parents would not accept anything less. She met her first love there and they had promised themselves to one another right then and there. They dated for several years and when she reached the age of nineteen he impregnated her with her present baby girl, Miranda. Her lover, however did not share his love for their child and he left her just as her baby was being born.

Heartbroken and realizing that she was no on her own Amity works full time at the Three Broomsticks as a barmaid but also plays the occasional gig with her friend Echo's band as her pianist and back up singer. Her little girl Miranda often stays at the Day Care in Hogsmead while she works and when she has gigs to play she calls a sitter for the evening.

Family History: Rich, snobby, bastards

Position Applying For: Pianist for Love Like Winter

RP Sample:

(Not in the mood to make one)
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PostSubject: Re: Adult Registrations!   Sun Jan 16, 2011 11:24 pm

Name: Benjamin Reynolds

Age: 27

Appearance: Hot! (j/k) Dark brown, slightly wavy hair. Blue eyes and a perfect smile. Tall and thin, lean muscles and angular jaw line.

Character & Family History: Born in October of 1997 in Seattle, Washington, USA. His parents were high school sweethearts who conceived him before their senior year. His father, James left his mother, Janelle, when he turned two. He grew up as a normal kid, though very shy and quiet. He was always interested in writing and tended to write depressing things because he didn't have a father. They never had very much money, but there was a lot of love between mother and son.

On his mother's death bed, she told him about where his father went to and that he had a half sister named Michelle. That was when he searched her out and decided to move to London to find her.

Position Applying For: Muggle. Playwright/Film Writer

RP Sample:

He was waiting at the bus stop, careful not to make eye contact with too many of the people around him. Once he got to know a person, Benjamin could come out of his shell. But normally he was so introverted that he would have panic attacks when faced with too many people.

That was why his job was perfect for him. He could write from home and never have to worry about too much face time. But he couldn't help but notice someone staring at him. He looked up and managed a small smile, though his hands were shaking.

"Can I help you?" He asked softly.
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Ethan Spencer
Adult: London Talent Agent: 40 yrs old

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PostSubject: Re: Adult Registrations!   Sun Jan 23, 2011 3:44 am

Name: Ethan Spencer

Age: 40

Appearance: Very distinguished. He has dark eyes and a very handsome smile. He is very fit and tall, but one has to be to work in the field he does.

Character History: Ethan grew up in a family that was surrounded by the big wig wizards. He had never wanted or needed anything in his life, and that was how he knew his best friend Aiden Showers. With parents that were rich and on top of London he barely had to lift a finger to do anything. Of course that all changed when he graduated Hogwarts. He had been a Gryffindor, passing with average grades, however magic never really helped his job calling. His parents pushed him in the direction of media and show business and he followed the calling without hesitation.

Helping others reach the stars he met his love and they birthed several beautiful children. He continues in a life of luxury, as well as problems, and has tried to raise his daughters to know better than to just expect the world to be handed to them on a silver platter.

Family History: (See Meri Spencer or Zoe Spencer)

Position Applying For: London Talent Agent

RP Sample: (Admin making another charrie)
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Sebastian Whitner
Adult: Guitarist for Love Like Winter: 19 yrs old

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PostSubject: Re: Adult Registrations!   Mon Jan 31, 2011 5:14 pm

Name: Sebastian Alexander Whitner

Age: 19

Appearance: Medium length chocolate hair, green eyes, a crooked smile that he shows more often than not.

Character History: Sebastian grew up in a orphanage for magical children as his parents died in a car accident when he was only a baby. He was never adopted, but didn't have any hard feelings about it. He liked being with the younger kids and would have missed them even more than he did when he went to Hogwarts each year. He learned how to play guitar while in the orphanage, having heard one of the other children playing and he was very interested in learning himself. He chose to make it his calling when he left school and auditioned for a few bands the first chance he had.

Family History: N/A as Sebastian's family was taken from him as a baby

Position Applying For: Guitarist for Love Like Winter

RP Sample: Abby making another Charrie
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Isaac Collins
Adult: Wizarding Architect/Contractor: 41 yrs old

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PostSubject: Re: Adult Registrations!   Fri Feb 04, 2011 7:57 pm

Name: Isaac John Collins

Age: 41

Appearance: Light brown hair, Hazel eyes, not very tall, only five feet, eight and a half inches, has an athletic build.

Character History: Graduated from Hogwarts and began studying Magical Architecture. Met his wife, Quinn and they had two daughters Marisol and Kennidee and one son, Parker.

Family History: Parents and only sibling, a brother that his son is named after were killed in a car accident before he married Quinn.

Position Applying For: Wizarding Architect/Contractor

RP Sample: Crumpling up another sketch, Isaac threw it over his shoulder. These stupid idiots didn't understand that how they wanted their house set up just wouldn't work! He had to be able to get this in the space they had alloted? They had to be joking! There wasn't an expansion spell strong enough.

He started once again with a sigh. If these people wanted to have all these things in their house, they were going to have to give up some of the grounds of their property, that's all there was to it. Either that, or get rid of that blasted sauna! Who the @#!*% needed that in their bedroom anyway?! It was just asking for trouble for the carpet that they wanted as well. Snow white? He shook his head.

"What kind of @#!*% are these people? They obviously have more money than brains. I have no idea what prompted me to take this job!"

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Quinn Collins
Adult: Children's Book Illustrator: 39 yrs old

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PostSubject: Re: Adult Registrations!   Fri Feb 04, 2011 8:32 pm

Name: Quinn Collins

Age: 39

Appearance: Long black hair, blue-green eyes, kind smile, 5'3.

Character History: Born in Cambridge, she has four older sisters. But she was the most talented with magic. Which is what made her career choice very interesting. But art has always been her passion, as well as her family. She met her husband while at Hogwarts and she got pregnant with her daughter, Marisol, when she was eighteen. Her son Parker is sixteen, and her daughter Kennidee, who was a surprise pregnancy, is eight. She is a peacemaker for the most part, but can be a spitfire. Especially to Isaac.

Family History: See above.

Position Applying For: Children's Book Illustrator

RP Sample: It's Laura.
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Marisol Collins
Adult: Tattoo Artist for Into You Tattoo Parlor: 20 yrs old

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PostSubject: Re: Adult Registrations!   Fri Feb 04, 2011 8:52 pm

Name: Marisol Collins

Age: 20

Appearance: Bright, beautiful blue eyes, she has a bright smile that has a tongue full of venom behind it. Her hair is chocolaty brown and on occasion spirals down to her shoulders. She is a short girl and has a very tiny, adorable, build. She has various tattoos on parts of her bodies, all different and equally as beautiful as the next.

Character History: Marisol grew up in a strict household, and while her father had always valued education and discipline being key Marisol had always had a passion for art. But not any normal art, no, she had a passion in body art. More often than not had her father found her drawing on her arms and hands with a quill and ink well...magically changing the colors so that she had a different drawing on her everyday.

In school she was an average student, but that did not apply to her intelligence. She had the tendency to be rather lazy when it came to school work and often her teachers would find mini drawings on questions she refused to answer or did not know. Her father never approved of her passion, and it was her mission in life to continue with her passion...if not just to piss her daddy off.

Family History: See Colin Parents History

Position Applying For: Tattoo Artist at Into You Tattoo Parlor

RP Sample:

Marisol cursed at her younger brother as he squirmed under the needle. He just would not hold still and it was making this whole tattoo thing more painful than it had to be. Jabbing him with the needle a bit she laughed at the rainbow of swear words he would no doubt send her way.

"Oh stop it you big pussy," she snapped. "It is NOT that bad."
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PostSubject: Re: Adult Registrations!   Wed Feb 16, 2011 5:03 pm

I'm not very good at this...

Name: Phoenix Evelyn McMorrow Rayne

Age: 27

Appearance: Half Irish, Half Egyptian, black hair, brown eyes, slender

Character History: Born in Egypt to a muggle pyramid restoration analyst, and an Irish geologist wizard, she was raised to be a hard worker, and pay close attention to detail. So, as an adult, working in the wizard world as a historical facts checker was destined. She was accepted into Hogwarts, and left her home in Cairo when she was 11 years old, and went to Ireland with her father when she graduated. Met Ryan Rayne a year later, dated for three years, then got married. No children yet, but hopefully soon...

Family History: Mother ~ Seline McMorrow, Egyptian, black, muggle, restores pyramids for a living. Father ~ Dillon McMorrow, Irish, black hair, ice blue eyes, wizard, geologist. Brother ~ Dean McMorrow, older by two years, muggle, lawyer, married, three children. Sister ~ Sadie McMorrow, younger by four years, wizard, ice blue eyes, black hair, works in the ministry, not married.

Position Applying For: Um... adult for now... can I apply for something later? I don't have my mind made up yet... maybe just a stay at home mother? lol

RP Sample: N/A
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Aaron Meyers
Muggle: Co-Owner of Meyers Motorcycle Mechanics: 25 yrs old

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PostSubject: Re: Adult Registrations!   Sun Mar 20, 2011 3:06 am

Name:Aaron Meyers

Age: 25

Appearance: Short brown hair, wonderful warm eyes, and a smile that could make any girl weak at the knees, he is ripped because of the hard labor involved in his job.

Character History:Aaron Meyers is the eldest son of the Meyers family. He lived with his mother, father, and younger brother Dylan. From day one of their birth the Meyer's knew that they were a biking family. There father had always had a deep love for Harley Davidson engineering and instilled that love in his boys. They followed their father, soaking up whatever they could on mechanics and the history of various cars.

However after the death of his father and mother Aaron insisted that his brother and him open up their own bike shop in the UK. His brother never understood why he had chosen that specific country, but went along with it regardless. It took them a while to get their store up and running, but as soon as they did it was instantly popular and they are now in the processes of opening several shops over Europe, all in hopes that their father is watching in heaven, proud of his boy's accomplishments.

Family History: (not relevant)

Position Applying For: Co-Owner of Meyers Motorcycle Mechanics

RP Sample: (Admin)
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Adult Registrations!
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