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 Burnt by the Sun [[OPEN]]

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Jayden Swift
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Jayden Swift

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Burnt by the Sun [[OPEN]] Empty
PostSubject: Burnt by the Sun [[OPEN]]   Burnt by the Sun [[OPEN]] Icon_minitimeWed Apr 13, 2011 2:49 pm

    Jayden walked into the training room of the Ministry. It was a place that she frequented as her body proved. She knew she was getting jealous stares from the other females and rather crude stares from the males but she didn’t care. She wasn’t here to pay them any mind. She was here to work out, although, as she surveyed the other occupants, there wasn’t a bad crowd. Maybe she could find a boy to play with for a while.

    She was a love em and leave em kind of girl, not that any of the boys seemed to mind. Still, recently there was one boy who she couldn’t get off of her mind. Lucas, even his name caused something to stir inside of her. She wasn’t sure if it was a good thing or not, but every time those feelings came so did the fear. She didn’t want to fall for someone that wasn’t going to catch her, and from everything she had heard Lucas didn’t seem the type.

    Shaking her head free of thoughts of him, she set to work. She set her wand down. Dueling practice would require a partner and she didn’t think she could hold up any sort of conversation right now. Instead, she was just going to work out until she was so exhausted she could sleep without dreaming, dreaming of him in bed with her, especially.

    She did a basic warm up followed by the more intense workout. She grabbed a treadmill and began running, letting all those thoughts leave her mind. She loved running, ever since she was young she had loved the feeling she got. Muggles called it a runner’s high but it was like an alternate state. She was at complete peace when her body was moving. She felt free running, and it was something she did well, both literally and figuratively.

    Jayden was always running from her problems. She claimed she didn’t want to be caged up and so she ran from commitment, but the truth was that she was running from herself. From her own fears that seemed to creep up on her when she was most comfortable. It was why she worked in a fast paced job, something that was always keeping her occupied. She couldn’t be alone with herself for a moment, lest she discover the truth. That as much as she hated to admit it she was simply a girl who wanted to love and be loved.

    None of these things were on her mind however when the spell hit her treadmill and caused her to go flying. She fell back onto her ass. The fall hadn’t been that hard it was the shock of being at complete peace and then on the ground the next moment. She was winded and so she set on the floor not wanting to get up just yet and assess the damage. She knew it was going to be sore, although she didn’t weigh much the fall had been fast.

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Burnt by the Sun [[OPEN]]
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