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 Hogwarts Faculty Meeting (Professor and Prefects)

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Severus Snape
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Severus Snape

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PostSubject: Re: Hogwarts Faculty Meeting (Professor and Prefects)   Fri May 06, 2011 6:15 am

Severus watched his son and listened to the apology. He loved the boy in front of him with all of his heart, and he would forgive him immediately. Severus could hold a grudge, but only when it came to the people he truly hated. His son was someone that could see into his heart without any true prompting. He adored Miles... but tonight...he will admit tonight made Severus less prone to be around him. At least until his temper and disappointment went away. He looked at the door, wondering if leaving Miles alone would be a good idea. His son had a habit of doing rash and very stupid things. And he was not in the mood to really go and face his co-workers again. He looked back at Miles, watching the tears slide down his face. Maybe he should just send the boy to his room to finish his homework. Severus could handle some of his official Headmaster duties and possibly have a drink without his son or anyone else noticing.

"You are going to go into my quarters and stay there," he said coldly. "I am sure you have homework, seeing as I assigned an essay today in Potions."

Severus looked down at his son, his anger cooling...but his disappointment remaining fresh in his mind. This was his little boy. This was the little boy that used to beg him to go for broom rides, that would ask if he could play with his cauldrons, that said he wanted to be a Potions Master...Severus remembered a time when he could do no wrong in his son's eyes. When the boy in front of him had practically followed at the end of his robe. But, those were all just memories now...and it was apparent that his baby boy had gone and found himself a new hero. All that was left for Severus to do was watch as Miles disappeared from him, and then...soon...Serenity would follow.

The corners of his eyes burned and he felt them become dangerously moist as he looked away. His son... his baby boy...he hadn't even called him dad when this night began.. "Sev...Severus"...the Headmaster had thought he had moved past that name in his son's eyes. But clearly that was another thing he was wrong about.

"Go Miles..." he whispered, pained. "I will check on you in an hour or so..."

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Miles Maddox Snape
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Miles Maddox Snape

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PostSubject: Re: Hogwarts Faculty Meeting (Professor and Prefects)   Fri May 06, 2011 9:23 am

Miles nodded sadly and wiped at his eyes. Not even one word of consolation or forgiveness. Of course, he had not deserved such a thing, he knew that. But his father still looked like Miles had stabbed him in the back. And this kind of thing usually took weeks for them both to fully recover from. Miles might have been stubborn and cold when he was angry, but he also needed comfort every time he screwed up. It was obvious he would not be getting any of that this evening. He closed his eyes and stood.

"I love you," he said softly.

There was nothing more he could have said to explain the depth of his sorrow for what he had done tonight. But the only option to him now was to go and do as he was told. Severus Snape would not stay angry forever, Miles had learned that multiple times. He did wish he could get a hug, but he wasn't going to push his luck. He went to his father's own personal quarters and sat at the desk, immediately taking out parchment and quill. But instead of starting on his potions essay, he went straight to a deeply sincere apology letter for both of his parents.

After a long session with the quill to parchment, Miles felt his eyes drooping then signed his name at the bottom. But he was not finished. He took off his prefect's badge and enclosed it in the letter. This should have gone to someone more responsible in the first place. Then before he could fall asleep, he went to his father's potions store that he kept here, and he grabbed a dreamless sleep potion. He needed that sort of rest more than he ever had. He went back to the desk and made sure his letter was ready, then he opened the potion vial and tipped back its full contents. He went over to the bed and crawled in, underneath the covers.

Things will be better in the morning, he thought to himself.

God, I hope so.

Then he closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

(OOC: Back to the staff meeting? Maybe Aurora?)

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Hogwarts Faculty Meeting (Professor and Prefects)
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