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 Notes About Claims

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Gareth Winter
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PostSubject: Notes About Claims   Notes About Claims Icon_minitimeThu Mar 31, 2011 5:52 pm

I keep a pretty close eye on the Celebrity Claim list, since it is my position as Moderator, and I have just a few things that are bothering me and I want to get it out of my head, so I'm going to post them here.

1- If you are going to make a claim for a celebrity, and haven't made the character yet, you MUST make the character within seven days, or I'm going to delete the claim. Holding onto it indefinitely is frustrating when the list says there's a character, and there isn't.

2- I don't want to be a PITA or a @#!*% about this, but it's confusing when there is more than one request per post. PLEASE, for the sanity of the people reading the thread, post only the celeb for the character you are requesting it for.

3- Disclaiming- It hasn't really happened enough to be a problem yet, but when you are disclaiming a celebrity, please give a reason. If there aren't enough pictures, just say that. But if you are just changing your celeb all the time because you want someone else, I'm going to refuse the change.

I'm really very easy to get along with, these are the only things that I ask with the claims. If you don't have a problem with the things that I'm asking, I won't have a problem with the claim you are asking for.

Notes About Claims Gareth
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Notes About Claims
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