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 I Don't Believe We've Been Introduced (Open)

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Ursilla Avers
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PostSubject: I Don't Believe We've Been Introduced (Open)   Sat Mar 26, 2011 9:18 pm

Ursilla looked out the window of the Owlery. It was just now totally dark, and the owls had all gone out to hunt. Some were still visible from the viewpoint she had, and she was entranced by the graceful way they flew. She wished that she had the ability to fly like a bird. Not many people knew that about her, but then, she didn't really let it be well known anyway. Ursilla was a private person, only telling those closest to her secrets that she couldn't trust to just anyone.

She leaned on the windowsill, stretching her long legs out behind her one at a time. Her mother had insisted that her only child receive dance training wherever they had gone in the world, as well as learning multiple languages. Ursa supposed it was for this reason that she usually seemed rather haughty and stuck up. She didn't mind the haughty part, but stuck up? Why didn't people try to get to know her before they judged? She liked things a certain way. She wanted to at least know the person's name before she started talking to them, but they usually just jumped into blabbing and ignored simple manners.

He turned gracefully and leaned back against the sill, staring up at the rafters full of perches above her head. It was really quite peaceful here when the owls were gone, even with all the mess of droppings, feathers and various small animal bones. She smiled and turned back to the window, now stretching one leg up in the air, bending and touching her head to her knee. She nearly toppled over when someone applauded from behind her.

"You startled me!" she gasped when she had straightened.

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I Don't Believe We've Been Introduced (Open)
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