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 What a Wonderful Room (Open to Anyone)

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Akira Ogowa
Akira Ogowa

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What a Wonderful Room (Open to Anyone) Empty
PostSubject: What a Wonderful Room (Open to Anyone)   What a Wonderful Room (Open to Anyone) Icon_minitimeSat Mar 12, 2011 12:38 pm

Akira had been wondering the school, something she often did in the early hours of the morning. The day for the regular students clearly did not start till about eight, maybe nine at the latest. However Akira was so used to the daily schedule of getting up at four thirty. So that meant she had a couple of hours to herself and her heritage. Only, today would be something different. Rather than doing her morning worship to the Ogowa family, she would be practicing her Kendo. The room had found her, it just had to have found her! And she was marveling at all the beauty that had taken inside of it. She almost felt like she was at home, in the sun room. The swords were wooden however, and although she was used to a bamboo based weapon, her father insisted that when she train the actual blade was the best form of training. Granted, she supposed the room also recognized that she didn't have a spotter...there were often times when Akira got hurt, and not being able to speak proper english she assumed that was why the room had chosen wooden based weaponry.

Oh well, beggars can't be choosers. Removing her shoes she began stretching slightly, gaining her focus and calming herself to the point that the world around her did not exist. Taking a sword she began with a couple of the basic moves. And then, as if she could not feel anymore at home, a wooden dummy raced towards her. Jumping back several feet she brought the sword down and listened pleased at the satisfied CRACK that sounded when it impacted its hollow shoulder.

Crouching down low she smiled and motioned for the dummy to try again. As it began to advance upon her she jumped forward and pressing her hands against it's chest bounded from it and slammed it into a wall. She had to admit, this wasn't as much fun as it was when her father had actual PEOPLE fighting her, but she would take what she could get.

Landing, gracefully, on the ground she watched pleased as the dummy also took up a bamboo sword. Racing forward she slammed her weapon into the dummy's. The crack sounded loudly through the room followed by a loud yell on Akira's part.


Flying back against the wall she yelped and began breathing heavy. God, she loved this school. It was full of so many surprises. Just as she was about to rush back to her opponent she looked to see the Room of Requirement door fly open.

"Watch out!"

Cartwheeling over she took the blow from the wooden man and screamed out in agony. Falling the floor she briefly looked up to see the dummy turn to ashes. That hadn't been her who had done that, the room must have called it's toy back. Closing her eyes she cringed. Her side hurt...and gently she reached down to her ribs.

"OWE!" she screeched.

Her rib...she must have cracked a rib, or the robot had. And with her wand up in the Ravenclaw tower, she had no hope of healing herself. Looking up at the stranger that had come in she whimpered.


Akira hoped her English was good enough that those were the correct words to use. So far Arthur had only taught her several saying in English, she was sure that this had to be one of them.


(OOC: Akira can't speak English, so if something is written in Italics that means she is speaking Japanese.)
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What a Wonderful Room (Open to Anyone)
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