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 Character Homes Application

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Severus Snape
Administrator: Hogwarts Staff: Headmaster: Occlumens: Legilimens: 34 yrs old

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PostSubject: Character Homes Application   Sat Dec 04, 2010 12:08 pm

Okay so in the wizarding world people, obviously, have homes once they leave the schools. The thought that your teacher just hides under his desk when Summer arrives is utterly false, however prudent your evidence for this notion may be. So here is where you can apply for your House on the site. It is a very easy application, but I would like the houses to be detailed. And I would also like the houses to have a title of their own.

[b]Name of House:[/b]
[b]Address of House:[/b]
[b]Patrons of House:[/b]
[b]Description of House[/b]

There are no specific ages for who can have a house, only that if you are below seventeen you may not live by yourself without an adult character present. If you are however a seventeen year old you may fill out the house registration, but the house can be no bigger than an apartment or London Flat. Also, because you have your own board on the site when the houses are made, if you do not use them they will be deleted.

Also, if you wish, you may post a small photo of the house you wish to register. To help with a small visual aid of what the house could like like.


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Evelyn Rose Marks

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PostSubject: Re: Character Homes Application   Sat Dec 04, 2010 12:12 pm

Name of House: Marks Acres

Address of House: 601 Horst Ave.

Patrons of House: Evelyn Rose Marks, Shelby Marks, Randall J. Marks

Description of House Because Randall came from a very wealthy family he had a very good trust fund for when his parents died. His home is fairly large but not as big as h was raised in. It has five large and spacious bedrooms three of the five having their own full baths.

There is a lovely large sun room off of the kitchen that holds the family piano and it fills with beautiful sunlight because it has open windows that reveal a very large in ground pool in the back yard. The kitchen is completely redone with beautiful marble counter tops and slate floors.

There is a small medical library for Randall attached to his study for when he brings his work home from him and a lovely large living room in the hallway next to that. The house has two floors. One bedroom is downstairs on the first floor and four on the upper floor.

The front of the house is very spacious and flowers surround the estate and decorate the home with la variety of different colors and scents. It is a genuinely muggle community, but because the house is located rather far from society Randall has nothing to worry about when it comes to casting magic.

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Harry Potter
Co-Administrator: Gryffindor

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PostSubject: Re: Character Homes Application   Sun Dec 05, 2010 12:29 am

Name of House: The Most Ancient and Noble House of Black
Address of House: Number twelve, Grimmauld Place
Patrons of House: Sirius Black and Harry Potter
Description of House (Desription taken from

Tucked away in northwestern London, a twenty minute walk from Kings Cross Station, lies number twelve, Grimmauld Place. Both unplottable and hidden behind a Fidelius Charm, the house is invisible to all but a few. Though the neighboring Muggles don't even know the building exists, it was for many years home to the Black family - one of the wizarding world's oldest pureblood families, and extremely proud to be so.

When a wizard approaches number twelve, Grimmauld Place who knows of its location, it appears to shove its neighboring houses, number eleven and number thirteen, out of the way as it appears between them. What's revealed is a worn set of front steps, leading to a battered front door. On the door is a silver knocker in the shape of a twisted serpent, with no keyholes, handles, or anything else that would indicate it to be a door, as it opens only by magic. When one leaves the house, the building vanishes behind him the instant he reaches the street.

The front door opens into a long hallway, lit with gas lamps and a large overhead chandelier. At one time this must have been a grand entryway, complete with ornate portraits on the walls, but by the time Harry first visited the house it was gloomy and cobwebby, with the wallpaper peeling off and the carpet worn thin. Of all the portraits, the most prominent (though it's often covered with curtains) is an enormous portrait of Walburga Black, stuck to the wall via a Permanent Sticking Charm, which takes to screaming at the top of her lungs whenever she spots "Mudbloods" in her house. Much of the decor in the entry hall is made of serpents, though there is also an umbrella stand made from the severed leg of a troll. On one side of the entry hall sits a dining room, where a dresser holds the Black family china, complete with the family crest.

A door at the far end of the entry hall, a set of narrow stone stairs leads to the basement, and the house's kitchen. Though less ornate than the floors above, the kitchen is still a large, "cavernous" room with a large fireplace at the far end. Iron pots and pans hang from the ceiling above, and a long wooden table sits in the center of the room, large enough to fit a couple dozen people around it for a meal. Also in the basement, just off the kitchen, is a dark pantry, large enough for two people to stand in comfortably; and another cupboard off the kitchen houses the boiler for the house, as well as Kreacher's den, filled with rags, smelly blankets, and photographs of the Black family. Other than these two small rooms, however, the kitchen seems to fill the entire basement - making it quite a large room indeed.

At the end of the entrance hall, facing the door, a grand staircase leads to the upper floors of number twelve, Grimmauld Place. The wall on the stair is decorated with a row of shrunken house-elf heads, mounted on the wall on plaques. On the first landing, however, there are at least three rooms: a bedroom, a bathroom, and, of the most significance, the drawing room. The drawing room was at one time exquisite, with large windows overlooking the street in front of the house, a large fireplace flanked by two ornate glass-fronted cabinets, and an entire wall covered with a tapestry of the Black family tree.

The second floor houses two bedrooms, one of which Harry has taken, as well as a bathroom just for him. The third floor houses a library and a study, and the master bedroom where Buckbeak resides. And the fourth floor is where Sirius' bedroom is, and Regulus's old bedroom. There is an attic above stairs for storage.

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Celeste Showers
Adult: Private Art/Music Teacher: 38 yrs old

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PostSubject: Re: Character Homes Application   Sun Dec 05, 2010 12:12 pm

Name of House: The Glass House

Address of House: 1221 Crystal Cove Rd.

Patrons of House: Aidan Showers, Celeste Showers, June Showers, April Showers, Gabrielle Showers

Description of House A beautiful two story home that is completely open and made of large glass windows. The sun shines through onto every room so lights are usually not needed until the night. It has oak supports and beautiful hard wooden floors. There is a beautiful loft that holds the families music/art room and this is where Celeste teaches her students.

Along with the loft there is a beautiful open kitchen with beautiful marble counter tops and a slate floor. It has four bedrooms and each bedroom has its own bath.

In the back yard there is an inground pool with a large beautiful patio for parties and special occasions.

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Rachel Noelle Brodie
Ministry Staff: Department of International Magical Cooperation Level 5 Trainee: 19 yrs old

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PostSubject: Re: Character Homes Application   Sun Dec 05, 2010 12:16 pm

Name of House: Brightwell

Address of House: 458 Oak Park Lane, London

Patrons of House: Rachel Fletcher, Gavin Brodie

Description of House Gavin Brodie, Rachel Fletcher
Description of House: Built in 1805, Gavin Brodie could not resist buying this sweet, little historic gem. It was owned by muggles beforehand, so he had to make a few magical adjustments here and there. The outside of the house is colored in red-wood paneling and a grayish-green roof. It is on a corner lot and has cement steps that lead up to it's large front porch. The house is still as it was in the nineteenth century, complete with the gothic, angled roof and antique lamp posts.

Inside on the first floor to the left, is the sitting room, complete with some of the same furnishings that originated with the historic home. There is an entryway to the kitchen, which leads to the dining room. Also downstairs is a large study and library for Gavin and Rachel to work from home as necessary. There is a bathroom on this floor, under the stairs. And just beyond the bathroom is the staircase leading to the basement. There is a large recreational room here, another bathroom, as well as two bedrooms that are used for storage at this time.

The master bedroom is located upstairs (on the second floor), with its own bathroom, as well as two guest bedrooms that share a bathroom. And the favorite, most interesting room of the entire house is the map room. This room is just as it says...a map of the entire world covers all the walls, magically mapping all of Gavin's previous exploits, and his future plans with Rachel to travel the world. The maps magically predict weather and terrain. And with a flick of the wand, the walls turn and reveal bookcases shelved with atlas after atlas. The shelves also contain all of the precious artifacts he has discovered for his own personal collection. Both Gavin and Rachel could find themselves stuck in this room for hours of intelligent entertainment.

The last room is the attic, found by a pull-down ladder in the map room. It is used for storage and a family of brownies that has made the entire attic their permanent residence.

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Aurora Maddox
Hogwarts Staff: Head of Slytherin House: Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor: 34 yrs old

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PostSubject: Re: Character Homes Application   Sun Dec 05, 2010 12:22 pm

Name of House: The Sanctuary

Address of House:1022 Vauxhill Rd.

Patrons of House: Aurora Maddox and Miles Maddox

Description of House Generally dark on the outside it is considered to be haunted by anyone who passes it. But in all reality the inside is beautifully done and adorn with Slytherin memorabilia. Due to Aurora's past heritage there are several dark artifacts that had been charmed to remain in the house forever.

It has ten large bedrooms, all have their own bathroom but have long since outlived their use seeing as Maddox Manor does not have many guests. Before when the Dark Lord had been in existence it served to shelter fellow followers (hence the name), but after the death of the Senior Maddox Aurora charmed the house to turn anyone away that was not invited inside by her personally.

Along with ten bedrooms the Manor has a large kitchen, dining room, living room, and library. The house is very dark at night because of the dark paint used while constructing the manor...but it takes on a very romantic glow when Aurora is willing to light the fireplaces in the bedrooms and main sitting rooms. If one continues away from the living room there is a door that leads to the Professor's private study where she chooses to plan her lessons for the impending school year.

The yard extends out into the forest and is charmed at where the Maddox land ends to alert the family of where they need to stop. Being a runner Aurora finds this ideal to keep herself in shape and practice her more dangerous dueling spells.

Although dark to strangers who have not been given a tour it is a home to Aurora and her son...though admittedly could use an upgrade and use some TLC.

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Samara Bailey
Head Girl: Slyherin

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PostSubject: Re: Character Homes Application   Sun Dec 05, 2010 12:51 pm

Name of House: The Loft

Address of House: 325 B. Petticoat Lane

Patrons of House: Gareth Winter (17) and Samara Bailey (17)

Description of House It is a small apartment that has two bedrooms, one full bath, and a very open living room! The house is nice and spacious and the perfect size for two teenagers. It is a very modern apartment with a small fireplace in the living room and wonderful wooden floors. With windows so large that the sun leaks inside for beautiful natural lighting and heat in the winter. Patrons: Samara Bailey and Gareth Winter

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Alec Fletcher
Hogwarts Staff: Healer: 24 yrs old

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PostSubject: Re: Character Homes Application   Wed Dec 22, 2010 1:36 am

Name of House: South Kensington Flats

Address of House: 423 Stonehill Lane, Flat #307

Patrons of House: Alec Fletcher, Michelle Fletcher, Lexi Fletcher

Description of House:

There is a set of five stone steps leading up to each apartment. This flat has a red door. The bottom half of the building is made up of white paneling, while the top half is deep brown brick. There are large rectangular windows paneled in white.

When you walk inside the apartment, the staircase is in view. If you pass by the staircase to the left, you go down a hall that leads to the small front room on the right. In the front room is located a sofa, a coffee table, a muggle television and a small library with mostly medical texts. On the left of the hallway is the modest kitchen. The muggle appliances work when they wish to, but are charmed to last longer than they were made for.

There is a small half-bathroom off of the kitchen, along with a utility room for laundry.

When you go upstairs, there is a bathroom straight ahead, as well as two bedrooms on the right. Lexi's bedroom is first, and down the hall is Alec and Michelle's.

The third floor is an attic for storage, and contains most of the muggle trinkets from their childhood in, skateboard, stereo, movie collection, guitar, etc. There is a pull-down ladder outside of the master bedroom.

The majority of the apartment complex houses muggles, which is fine with the Fletchers, as they are muggle-born. There is one older witch who lives three doors down, but she keeps to herself.

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Serenity Snape

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PostSubject: Re: Character Homes Application   Wed Dec 29, 2010 2:08 pm

Name of House: The Hovel

Address of House: 698 Spinners End, Manchester UK

Patrons of House: Severus Snape, Serenity Snape (occasional Miles Snape)

Description of House

The house has long since been refurbished. It is magically charmed to look larger on the inside than it appears on the outside. Being a muggle town the house on the outside remains muggle, but with the addition of his daughter Severus took it upon himself to change the interior and make it more livable and safe for a little one. The house has four bedrooms, three on the upstairs and one on the bottom floor. The one downstairs is hidden under magical barriers and that is where Severus would hide his daughter for various Death Eater trips.

The living room is open and spacious with a large fireplace and the Floo is locked to selective family members and teachers. There is a large sofa that wraps around the center of the room and a recliner that Sev tends to occupy when his daughter chooses to watch TV. The television, however, is hidden so that his home does not look too muggle for Death Eater meetings. The next room is the kitchen, which is fairly large and has various cabinets full of food. The counter tops are made of black marble and the floors a darkened slate. There is no dining room so most meals take place in the kitchen.

Going up the stairs one will find Severus's room first. It is the largest room and the darkest. The walls are a deep winter green and the floors a dark cherry wood. There is another large fireplace, where the floo has been disabled, and the room is covered in bookshelves overflowing with Severus's various brands of literature.

Serenity's room is next and is the brightest room in the house. The walls are a warm brown and because it is towards the front of the house has windows to allow sunlight to flow into the room. It is the most modern bedroom in the Hovel, but because of this Serenity has her own little place to get away.

The third room is Severus's son, Miles. And although he does not come often the room is adorn in Gryfindor colors and has everything a teenage boy needs to be comfortable.

Serenity's bedroom
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Jeffrey Winter
Muggle: Secondary school teacher: 40 yrs old

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PostSubject: Winter Home   Tue Jan 04, 2011 12:49 am

Name of House: Winter Home

Address of House: 832 Windcrest Falls

Patrons of House: Jeffrey Winter, Sara Winter, Gareth Winter (sometimes), Evan Winter, Cambria Winter, Willow Winter, Max Winter

Description of House: A moderate two story home, with a third floor for the attic. The outside is light, cream brick with a gray-bricked chimney attached. The roof is gray as well, but the front door is red. The lawn and landscaping in general is very well-manicured. In the backyard, there is a wilderness-like area that the kids love to explore.

On the inside of the house, you enter into the sitting room. Jeffrey's office is to the right, situated just before the staircase leading to the second floor. Under the stairs on the first floor is the guest bathroom. And then you go down a small hallway to reach the kitchen on the left. To the right is a longer hallway and the master bedroom is here.

Upstairs on the second floor are four bedrooms. One for Gareth and Evan to share, one for Cambria and Willow to share, and one for Max. And the fourth bedroom is at the end of the hall, a guest bedroom. There are two bathrooms upstairs, one for the girls, and one for the boys.

The third floor is just attic and storage space. They have lived in this home for the last eight years.

Winter Home
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Armistad Xandex
Adult: Adolescents Counselor: 23 yrs old

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PostSubject: Re: Character Homes Application   Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:53 pm

Name of House: The Gallery Of Calm

Address of House: 12 Carson Lane Road

Patrons of House: Armistad Xandex until Max takes over the house when he leaves Hogwarts, and Crimson Constantine, a student at Hogwarts, and the first resident of the house in its capacity as a safe house for troubled and neglected Magical teens.

Description of House This is the house that Max grew up in and inherited when his father died. He is redoing most of the interior decor, so the description may change over time.

The first floor has an open foyer, branching off in both directions to rooms on either side. On the left is the front parlor, decorated in neutral tones and expensive antiques. No one is allowed to touch the artifacts as they might break them. (At least that's what Max was told when he was growing up). The furniture is comfortable, but new as it has been changed every year. Currently the couch and love seat are white leather, and there are two wing chairs in muted brown on either side of the fireplace on the far side of the room.

On the other side of the foyer is the dining room. It bears a massive oak table and chairs, and its walls are in the same wood and hue. It seems to be dark and oppressing when not properly lit.

Through the dining room is the kitchen. It is one of the welcoming places on the first floor. It's bright yellow colors make it cozy and warm to anyone that come into it. There are new appliances that have recently been replaced, upon Max's insistence. This is the first room that he has finished. An island has been added to the middle of the kitchen to make counter space, even though there is quite a bit already along the walls.

Continuing through the lower floor of the house, there is a library that is currently being renovated, so there is no description.

Further down the house, there is an office that will become Max's when he takes over after leaving Hogwarts. Right now it is the same as it was when his father had it, minus the medical degrees and books along the walls and shelves. There is one more difference. Max has already stripped the wood walls out and replaced them with walls that can be painted, and this room is now a calm cream color. Otherwise, the furniture is the same, but will be changed from the old-fashioned, dark leather to something a bit more modern and inviting.

There are also two rooms that had been used for storage by the Xandex family, and they are in construction to be turned into meeting rooms for counseling sessions.

The stairs across the foyer lead to the second floor and it's many bedrooms. There are eight in all, but only four are suitable for habitation at this time.

The master bedroom is enormous and decorated in pale blues and golds. The bed has been replaced from the antique-looking brass to a tall wooden four-poster. The remainder of the furniture is still the same as it was when Max's parents slept here.

The other three bedrooms that are livable are somewhat smaller than the master bedroom, and all are decorated similarly to the main bedroom, except the coloring of each.

The first is in shades of pink, with the furniture in white to offset it. The bed is relatively new, so it will remain when the room is renovated.

The next is in pale greens- the furniture has all been removed but the room is able to be lived in if needed.

The last is in blue- the former owner's favorite. This was Max's room, but it is cold and austere. The room almost seems formal, even though it had been occupied by a boy for sixteen years. The reason was that it was always repainted to cover up any attempts to make it more comfortable for him. The furniture is new, but may still be replaced, moving it to another bedroom when they are finished.

The two upstairs bathrooms that are functional are in the master bedroom and down the other end of the corridor from the first two bedrooms. They are all in white and are very boring.

The remaining rooms have all been used for storage in the past, but will be turned back into bedrooms in time.

Gallery of Calm
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PostSubject: Re: Character Homes Application   Sun Jan 09, 2011 3:05 pm

Name of House: Medows Villa

Address of House: 1776 Edinburgh UK

Patrons of House: Rozie Meadows, Derren Meadows, and Lara Meadows

Description of House

The house is absolutely beautiful and very large. It is located on the verge of scenic nowhere and do to the hard work of her mother and herself wild flowers grow all around it. The house is several floors tall and each floor has at least two bedrooms with their own bath.

The Ground Floor: This is where the living room is, the living room is completely open and spacious and has a large fireplace that sits on the main wall. There is a beautiful, expensive, couch that sits in the living room that Rozen refuses to sit on because of her father's taste when it comes to leather upholstery as well as several chairs that are set in various corners of the room. Next to the living room is a large and spacious dining room, this is where most of the family meals are held...should the Meadow's household choose to eat together. Usually this room is utilized every night, because of Derren's strict policy when it comes to family togetherness. Next to the dining room is a very beautiful kitchen. The floor is a wonderful marble and every counter is adorn with a black slate top. There is an island set in the middle of the kitchen for further use when it comes to cooking and every cabinet in the house is overstocked with food and treats.

The Second Floor: The second floor has several bedrooms, the main room belonging to Derren and Lara and the room a bit farther down the hall belonging to Rozie. Derren and Lara's room is beautiful and large. It has lovely cream colored walls and a hard wood floor with a Japanese Rug set in the center of the floor. The bed is adorn with decorative pillows and across the room is another fireplace that usually crackles happily when Derren starts a fire. Rozie's room is without a doubt the most unique. The walls are light blue and molded into the paint are pictures of flowers and tress. Her bedroom is the smallest room in the house and is cut into two sections. The one parts has her bed, which is a twin with a hot pink comforter and the second half holds her school desk and a small chair and couch for her to lounge on when she chooses to. Her father says that the room has not changed since she was a little girl, and Rozie would forever keep it that way.

Third Floor: This is just the attic and nothing special really goes on up there. There are times when Rozie will hide up there to cry, because her daddy says that she is too old for such a thing...or when she wants to talk to Georgie and he flies the Ford Angela to their house during the summer, they will stay up there at night.

The Grounds: The grounds are very spacious and because they are so large Rozie has her own greenhouse separated from the rest of her families home. It is large and has every kind of plant, herb, flower, and vine known to man. Because Rozie is strictly vegan and her father often threatens to stop buying her vegetables and fruits, she grows her own in the garden, making her diet far more nutritions and natural than that of her parents.

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Alexskandr Feodor
Adult: Drummer for Love like Winter: 19 yrs old

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PostSubject: Re: Character Homes Application   Sat Jan 15, 2011 3:02 pm

Name of House: Trinity
Address of House: 1123 Standrs Rd
Patrons of House: Skylar, Skan, Andrei
Description of House Trinity is a summer home for the Feodor family in which the children currently reside. Trinity is a Mediterranean styled house on a quiet and historic country known as Riven Rock. A long curving driveway lined by olive trees invites you to a large courtyard with fountain and a most impressive view of this two story Mediterranean with lushly landscaped gardens and ponds which softly frame the home. The two story house has five bedrooms, along with a basement and entertaining rooms.

The basement, which stretches the entire length of the property, has a movie theater a pool table and holds a small inside swimming pool. It also holds a small dance studio for Skylar. Most of the space is occupied by the custom built recording studio that Skandr installed.

On the first floor there are no bedrooms. However it holds a lavish dining room, living room, and parlor. The kitchen is also located on this floor.

The second floors holds the five bedrooms of which two are guestrooms.
The first room on your left belongs to Andrei Feodor. It has deep green walls black carpet and a ceiling enchanted to mimic the outside sky. It is sparsely furnished with a large bed in the middle of the room.

The second room to the left belongs to Skylar Feodor. It has off white carpet and the walls are painted a deep red with gold paneling and accents. Her bed rests against the far wall and is surrounded by a canopy. One entire all is occupied by books while another holds a large chest and a large vanity table. There are several painting one of which doubles as the door to a very large closet. A white piano rests on the opposite corner of the room.

The third room on the left belongs to Skandr Feodor. It has white carpet with deep blue walls, his ceiling is enchanted to be a television so it is completely blank. The lighting can be found on the walls or can be provided by the cieling. His room is also sparsely decorated although a corner is occupied by a drum set and small stage.

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Taylor Grace Verger
Ministry Staff: Department of Mysteries: Unspeakable: 24 yrs old

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PostSubject: Re: Character Homes Application   Sun Jan 16, 2011 5:46 pm

Name of House: Grace Way
Address of House: 5685 Halen Drive
Patrons of House: Taylor Grace Verger
Description of House Grace Way is a penthouse located in one of the most exclusive buildings in London. Taylor was lucky enough to inherit the apartment from a friend who moved into a larger house. It has a large bedroom, a studio, large living room with a skyline view, kitchen and entertainment room. It also had a spare bedroom. Everything in the house is decorated in a very modernist style. Taylor rarely spends anytime in her apartment however, since she spends most of her time at the Ministry.
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Jayden Swift
Ministry Staff: Department of Magical Law Enforcement: Auror: 22 yrs old

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PostSubject: Re: Character Homes Application   Sun Jan 16, 2011 6:25 pm

Name of House: Le Fluer Rebelle
Address of House: 323 Hillside Ave
Patrons of House: Jayden Swift
Description of House: The Fluer Rebelle has three levels. The first of the three levels – the basement – is a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation, completely with a sauna, sparkling bath, a lap pool, snooker table and a walk out to the garden. One floor up, the ground level features a stunning entrance foyer which leader to the kitchen, living room and dining room. A stone staircase takes you upstairs, where tucked privately aware on the third level you find the bedrooms. There are three bedrooms on the upper level. The master bedroom is inhabited by Evelyn. It is very minimalist with one wall lined with books. A large bed is in center of the room. A vanity and a small dresser are the only other things in the room. One other room is a guest room styled in almost the same manner as Evelyn’s room except for a smaller bed and no bookcase. The last smallest room is used as a study for Evelyn. The last component of the house is the outdoor living area, complete with a wood deck and a refreshing pool with the best view of all.

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Julia Wallace
Hogwarts Staff: Head of Ravenclaw House: Herbology Professor: 33 yrs old

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PostSubject: Re: Character Homes Application   Sun Jan 16, 2011 6:40 pm

Name of House: Michaels Estate
Address of House: 891 South Harrington Court, London
Patrons of House: Chase Michaels, Julia Wallace
Description of House: This estate is very large, and quite down-to-earth despite its size. After entering the main front door, you come into a large sitting room, decorated in classic ivory and beautiful marble tiling. Just beyond this to the right, is the large kitchen, dining room and a half bath. On the left of the sitting room is a doorway that leads to Chase's office and his adjoining legal library. Down a hall on the first floor, is the master bedroom. It is decorated in deep blues and dark wood, and the large master bathroom is decorated to match. There are two walk-in closets, one for each adult of the house.
Upstairs there are four large guest bedrooms, one of which Julia has dedicated to her own personal collection of herbs and plants. Another bedroom has been given to Mimble, their black lab puppy. There are two large bathrooms upstairs as well.
The basement as open and is dedicated to entertainment, complete with wet bar and big screen tv. There are two spare bedrooms here as well.
There are guest quarters attached to the main house, with two floors. There is a living room and kitchen on the first floor, and one large bedroom upstairs.
The grounds are extensive and immaculately kept. There is a pool in the backyard, and a large wilderness area where Mimble can run around and be free.

Michaels Estate
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Oliver Michaels
Hogwarts Staff: Charms Professor: 39 yrs old

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PostSubject: Re: Character Homes Application   Sun Jan 16, 2011 7:10 pm

Name of House: Albany House

Address of House: 63 Clarkside Road, Glasgow, Scotland

Patrons of House: Oliver Michaels, Ashton Michaels, Cathy Radcliffe, Theodore Radcliffe (sometimes), Matthew Radcliffe, Susan Radcliffe, Sarah Radcliffe, Max Xandex

Description of House: Built in 1983, Oliver wanted a home that was comfortable and roomy, but not ostentatious. He had it built when his son was five, so it has only ever been the two of them living there. The home is two stories and is a warm brownish-red on the outside, with Ivy growing along the outer walls. The windows are large and allow plenty of sunshine to light their home.

When you walk in the front door, the entryway is the same color as the family room to the left. It is a light taupe color, with brown leather furniture. This room is full of books, music, wizard's chess sets, a fireplace and even a muggle telly so they can keep up with all of their favorite sports.

Next to the family room is the dining room, complete with a large cherry-wood table and deep red chair covers. The kitchen is next to that and the colors are warm fall colors, continuing the dining room motif. Across the hall and under the staircase is the half-guest bathroom, in deep blue and white.

If you continue past the staircase, still on the first floor, you will go through a hallway filled with family photographs. The first room you come to on the right, is Oliver's study. He will work on his lesson plans here, as well as a bit of light reading. The color scheme is a warm, chocolate brown. To the left of the hallway is the first guest bedroom, color scheme a light yellow. When Cathy and her family moved in, the twins took this room. Another room adjoins through a bathroom, decorated in soft pastels. This bedroom will be for the baby. At the end of the downstairs hallway is the master bedroom.

The back wall is covered with black shelves for photos and books, and the king-size bed sits in the middle of the large, open room. It is a mixture of tans, browns, and blacks. There is also a large walk-in closet. The master bathroom is ivory and cream in color, with a large spa-tub and separate shower with a glass door.

The upstairs is open and bright when you first walk up, eying a loft on the right. To the left (above the dining room), is Ashton's room. It is decorated in Slytherin colors, green and silver, with some additional black, white and modern flair. It is also kept immaculately clean. Oliver was not happy about the Slytherin colors, but his house hatred has cooled since his one and only son was sorted into Slytherin. Ashton has his own, rather large bathroom attached, colored in a clean black and chrome style.

The loft is set aside for games and entertainment, including muggle pool and air hockey...with a few magical enhancements. Including a self-moving board and camouflage pool balls. Past the loft are two more bedrooms, one in red and gold, which is where Max lives now. And the last bedroom is colored in white and light blue, which is Matthew's room. Theodore shares with him when he is not with his father. They share another bathroom, in neutral tan colors.

The grounds are beautiful and extensive, full of large hedges, ivy, rose bushes and trees. The Michaels' don't mind muggles, but since they have a half-quidditch pitch in their backyard, they have to keep at least that part of their home disillusioned. They also have a small recreational lake, and a memorial flower garden, in honor of Oliver's late wife and Ashton's mother, Margareta.
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Zoe Spencer
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PostSubject: Re: Character Homes Application   Sat Jan 22, 2011 10:06 pm

Name of House: Hillside Manor
Address of House: 1625 Rustic Hollow Lane, London
Patrons of House: Ethan Spencer, Merideth Spencer, Zoe Spencer, Ava Spencer, Emma Spencer, Finn Spencer
Description of House: Bright, beautiful home finished in soft yellow brick and large glass windows. There is a tower-type of structure in the middle of the house, which is Zoe's room for when she comes home to visit.

The first floor includes a comfortable sitting room, dining room, and kitchen on the left. There is a half bath under the large marble staircase. On the right, is Ethan's office. And on the other side of that hallway, is Merideth's home office. There are two bedrooms at the end of the hall, on the far left side of the house. One is Finn's room, complete with his own bathroom. And the other is the master bedroom, with a very large master bathroom.

Upstairs, there is a large loft set aside for games and entertainment. There are four bedrooms upstairs. The one in the tower is Zoe's, and it shares a bathroom with the second bedroom, which is the guest bedroom.

Across the hall is Ava's room, which shares a bathroom with Emma's room. There is also an attic crawl space for storage.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Homes Application   Sat Feb 05, 2011 4:01 pm

Name of House:
Malfoy Manor

Address of House:
Wiltshire, England

Patrons of House:
Draco Malfoy
Lucius Malfoy

Description of House
It is a grand manor house complete with large gardens, fountains and of course white peacocks roaming the grounds leading up to this manor is a set of wrought iron gates that will only let a select few people pass through them, to all other the manor is out of bounds. Inside the manor it is very expensively decorated with lots of antique furnature and rich colours of cranberry and emerald, there are many rooms, more than 50 at least.

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Sebastian Whitner
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PostSubject: Re: Character Homes Application   Wed Feb 09, 2011 11:09 pm

Name of House: The Silent Corner

Address of House: 8697 N. Waterfront Way, Flat 6

Patrons of House: Sebastian Whitner

Description of House: The layout is simple of this studio flat. The door opens into the kitchen, which is rather small, but functionable for one person. The living room is off to the right of the flat, also serving as the dining room. Sebastian's bedroom is situated right next to the kitchen, seperated only by a half wall, and is completely visable from the remainder of the small apartment. The bathroom is the only place in this home that offers any privacy if one is seeking it as it is the only part with a closing door.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Homes Application   Fri Feb 11, 2011 1:56 pm

Name of House:
Liver Lodge

Address of House:
12 Racnoss Lane, Liverpool

Patrons of House:
Lalia Richardson

Description of House:
It is a simple semi detached house, right on the corner of Racnoss Lane, it is a Victorian terrace which means that it is a little rough around the edges but Lalia loves the well worn houses, she thinks they have more character. Currently it is just her living there having moved away form her father, if you're counting dead people as well there is Randalph (the house ghost) who likes to sit down with Lalia and have long discussions about how they both hate Muggles.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Homes Application   Mon Mar 07, 2011 10:26 am

Name of House: Lilac Cottage

Address of House: 12 Winrock Ct., London

Patrons of House: David Graham, Laurel Graham and their two children, Melody and Jackson

Description of House: Built in the early 1900's, but has since been restored to a more modern interior. It is a simple, two-story home. Downstairs is a modest living room, dining room and kitchen. There is also a guest bedroom/office for David. One more bedroom downstairs is used as the music room for Laurel. Upstairs is the master bedroom, with an adjoining bathroom. Down the hall are two more bedrooms, one for Melody and one for Jackson. They share a bathroom.

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Rowan Marrow

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PostSubject: Re: Character Homes Application   Mon Mar 07, 2011 11:29 am

Name of House: Marrow Estate
Address of House: 1453 Ridgeway, Surrey
Patrons of House: Daniel Marrow, Rowan Marrow, Felicity Marrow
Description of House: Though the Marrows do not need as much room as this comfortable house affords, they are quite happy living here. It is large, but it is also very modest on the inside. You walk into the formal living and dining area, and to the immediate right is Daniel's study, which also houses many books for Felicity. It is almost her own personal library. There is a guest bathroom attached, and then down the hall is the large kitchen. Daniel's bedroom is also downstairs and he has a lavish bathroom all to himself. Until Rowan takes it over when she has a date to get ready for.

Upstairs each girl has her own bedroom and bathroom, and there are two guest bedrooms as well. There is a large loft which is a game/entertainment area. The grounds are kept well and there is a pool in the backyard, as well as a three car garage.

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Isaac Collins
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PostSubject: Re: Character Homes Application   Mon Mar 07, 2011 4:06 pm

Name of House: Cor Leonis

Address of House: 731 Bravada Court, London

Patrons of House: Isaac Collins, Quinn Collins, Parker Collins, Kennidee Collins, and sometimes Marisol Collins

Description of House: Built and designed by Isaac Collins himself. The ground floor is decorated in neutral colors to keep from the layout being taken away from. The front door opens into a foyer, where the floor is a light gold Spanish tile, and the walls are a pale cream. Through the door one one side of the room is the living room, carpeted in light beige, and the walls are an off white. The furniture is tasteful and elegant, but extremely comfortable.

The dining room is through a door to the other side of the foyer. In the middle of this room stands an oak dining table that was once belonged to Isaac's parents. A mahogany china cabinet stands near the doorway to the kitchen; this is a wedding present from Quinn's parents.

The kitchen is the one room on the ground floor that is a bright color. The walls are a beautiful contrast from the deep cherry colored cabnitry in an ocean blue, and the flooring is a deep slate gray. A breakfast nook is at the back of the room, situated in front of a large bay window that faces east.

A wide staircase divides a hallway that runs behind the foyer between the living and dining rooms. It leads to a landing and the family's bedrooms, but behind the staircase is another large room that serves as Isaac's officem, and the home base of his business. His drafting table is in the corner to the left of the door, and various designs of buildings that he working or has worked on paper the walls. His metal desk stands in front of the windows, and is usually cluttered with papers for whatever project he is designing or building at the present time.

The second floor branches off in two directions, one side bearing the master bedroom and showing Quinn's talents at decorating. Walls of deep plum trimmed in gold, carpet of midnight purple. A king-sized bed is against one wall between nightstands, and across from a wardrobe that is flanked by two doors. The right opens into a walk-in closet, the left into the master bath. The bath matches the bedroom in coloring, but the floors have been changed to white tile, covered with bathmats the color of the bedroom carpet.

The other direction of the landing leads to Parker and Kennidee's rooms, along with what used to be Marisol's room.

Parker's room is filled with blues and grays, the walls covered with pictures of his favorite things, these changing from time to time as Parker's mind changes. The double bed is covered in a deep blue bedspread that matches the kitchen walls downstairs.

Kennidee's room is in yellow and pink- resembling a sunrise, and Isaac had pictures of suns painted all over the walls. The white twin bed is draped with a light pink ruffled bedspread, and covered with some of her toys.

Mari's room is as she left it, since the family didn't want to throw anything away in case Mari wants it in the future.

Outside, there is an attatched garage with three doors, one for each of the cars that the family has. Around behind the garage is a guest house for Marisol if she comes to visit and doesn't want to stay in her own room, so that she is allowed her own space and privacy.

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Vela Barron
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PostSubject: Re: Character Homes Application   Sat Mar 12, 2011 3:46 pm

Name of House: Water Lily

Address of House: 7798 Ridgway Avenue

Patrons of House: Vela Barron and Oliver Wood

Description of House

The Water Lily is a beautiful cottage frozen in time. It is dated back to the seventeen hundreds and is located near a beautiful river that passes through. The house uses an old water wheel to keep power running through the old cottage and all the sinks, toilets, and showers are flowing with well water. Not having a lot of money it is the most the little couple could afford. The outside is a wonderful area of honeysuckle and lavender and one cannot go three steps without walking into a beautiful flower of some kind. Trees cover the land hiding the house in its own little tranquil world.

The interior is warm and beautiful, and has a slight modern twist here and there. There is a study left from the living room that Vela keeps all of her musical instruments in and a fairly large closet that Oli tends to keep is Quidditch supplies in. The kitchen is very open and modern as well, thanks to renovations Oliver did upon moving in.

There are three rooms to this lovely cottage. One of them belonging to Oli and Vela's and another two for certain guests...or new arrivals. Oliver and Vela's room has it's own view of the river. It has a large window that reveals to them the outside world and a large fireplace that keeps the couple cozy and warm late at night.

The other bedrooms have yet to be renovated due to lack of funds.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Homes Application   

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Character Homes Application
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